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Myfaridabad - your window to the world! A community portal for all residents of Faridabad to express and voice their opinions, share constructive feedback, news and updates about Faridabad and Greater Faridabad.

myfaridabad.in is an offshoot of the RPS Savana online community which was formed in 2009 for the members of the RPS City, Sector 88, Naharpar, Greater Faridabad. Since 2009, the online community has been steadily growing and we decided to create a bigger platform to encompass all the residential communities in Greater Faridabad for a common cause.

Here we do not have any experts, but we rely on each other to share our experiences and contribute to the community. This is an open forum where you will find unbiased views and opinions from the members to give you an unprejudiced perspective.

We intend to build a strong and working community to enable us to build a better society, create a world class city and make Faridabad a better place to live. We would be focusing on the development of Greater Faridabad and us as a community will be instrumental in the change and progress of Greater Faridabad. Join us in this journey forward and help us create a better environment.

Help us to help you grow.

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