DDA nod for service flats, increased FAR in hospitals

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To meet short- and long-term housing requirements in the city, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on Thursday gave final clearance for small dwelling units (service apartments) under the Master Plan-2021 review process.

The apartments will be introduced on a minimum plot size of 2,000 sqm. “This has been done to increase availability of housing units. The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) has been enhanced to 225 from 150. These apartments will be allowed in public and semi-public land use, besides residential and commercial land use. Minimum size of the apartments will be 40 sqm and will be allowed on roads 12 metres wide,” DDA spokesperson Neemo Dhar said.

The FAR of hospitals in Delhi will also be enhanced. “It will be increased from 200 to 250 for plots located on roads less than 24 m. The FAR will be 300 for plots on roads between 24 m and 30 m and 375 for plots on roads that are 30 m wide and above. Meanwhile, the reduction in the floor area from 100 sqm per bed to 80 sqm will help to increase the number of beds,” an official said.

Activities such as staff changing rooms, staff dining facility, kitchen, laundry and radiology labs would be permitted in the basement without counting into the FAR.

The DDA also approved the enhancement of FAR from 150 to 225 for public and semi-public plots for educational facilities such as vocational training centres, management institutes, teacher training centres and professional colleges. For large university campuses, the FAR has been increased from 122 to 225, to provide hostel accommodation and more classroom space.

The definition of hotels have also been changed to “a premise having minimum 10 rooms for lodging and boarding of 15 persons on short- or long-term basis”.

Activities to be permitted in hotels include service apartments, banquet/conferencing facilities, restaurants, swimming pools, health clubs, food courts, discotheque, the residential units with or without transfer of ownership rights, commercial offices, retail and service shops restricted to 30 per cent of the floor area.

“The proposal will be notified for objection and suggestions along with other development control norms for hotels approved in the last meeting,” Dhar said

DDA on hiring drive

While setting new norms for accommodation, hotels and hospitals, the DDA has also planned to augment its manpower and and “induct fresh blood by taking up direct recruitment at various levels..”. The first batch has already been recruited.



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