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NEW DELHI: The private concessionaire for Gurgaon expressway has refuted the NHAI’s allegation of the company under-reporting traffic at the 32-lane toll plaza. NHAI, in its notice served to the company Delhi-Gurgaon Super Connectivity Ltd (DGSCL), has alleged that this practice has caused huge loss to the public exchequer.

In a statement issued on Friday, DGSCL said, “We completely refute the traffic numbers that have been presented by KPMG through their manual counting process. It appears that KMPG has not done any traffic count study but has only presented the figures provided to them by a third party vendor which is a security services company. No expert market research and/or survey agencies that specialize in such tasks had been employed to do such verifications.”

It added that the KPMG report mentions they are not responsible for the manual counting data that their vendor has provided and that they have yet to do the analysis and that since the work is incomplete their comments may change at a later date. “We are surprised that KPMG did not discuss the study with us nor use the computerized counting and classification systems that are already in place at the toll plaza and instead have relied on some manual counting figures provided to them by a third party vendor, which is prone to human error,” it said.

DGSCL said its toll plazas are equipped with the most advanced Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting ( AVCC) systems and these are installed in each lane including the split toll plazas. “The system is completely computerized and there is no scope for any human error or intervention,” it added.



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