Ownership papers to resettlement colonies, a farce: BJP

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Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 4
Giving ownership papers to the residents of 45 resettlement colonies is a farce, said Delhi unit chief of the BJP, Vijay Goel. He said the government is charging a hefty amount for these papers. The residents of resettlement colonies should be given ownership papers without putting a heavy financial burden on them.

“The residents of the 45 resettlement colonies have been living there for decades as these colonies were developed between 1960 and 1980. They have natural rights over the plots they have been residing on. So, the Delhi Government’s announcement means practically nothing to the residents,” Goel said.

Most of the families of these colonies are displaced people, who came to live in the resettlement colonies when their JJ clusters were removed or demolished. They are not in a position to pay lakhs of rupees at par with the circle rates, he said.

The government has already burdened them with high power and water bills. Earlier, each dwelling in these colonies was considered a single unit as far as the billing of power and water consumption was concerned, but now each floor on these dwelling units is being treated a separate unit. This has put a heavy burden on the families living in these colonies, he said.

Goel added that the resettlement colonies in different parts of the city, including Sriniwaspuri, Wazirpur, Satya Niketan, Janakpuri, Pankha Road and Madangir do not have the basic amenities.


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