Haryana government plans law on water misuse

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CHANDIGARH: With a view to preventing the misuse of groundwater, the Haryana government has proposed a draft model bill for conservation, protection and regulation of groundwater in the state. Formal information in this regard was made by the state government before the Punjab and Haryana high court on Tuesday during the resumed hearing of a public interest litigation (PIL) filed on the issue.

As per the details provided by the Haryana government before the court, the objectives of the bill are aimed to ensure that groundwater is protected, conserved and regulated so as to meet basic human and livestock needs; to promote sustainable groundwater use in public interest, based on a long-term protection of available resources and to ensure that the protection, conservation and regulation of groundwater is integrated with the protection, conservation and regulation of surface water.

The proposed bill is also to ensure conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater and to protect ecosystems and their biological diversity.

During the hearing, the government also said that three units of water treatment plant in Gurgaon have been made functional to provide about 20 millions gallons daily (MGD), which could be used in construction purposes.

The Haryana government, on the previous dates of hearing, had undertaken to initiate effective steps against the violators. The high court has already made it clear that the deputy commissioner of the district would be held responsible if groundwater was found to be utilized by builders for any construction.


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