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Triveni Signature

What is the status of refund of the money invested? Can someone throw some light on this, please?
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Triveni Signature Triveni Signature

I understand that there is going to be some hearing in the court for the subject project and refund money. If anyone has any information, would request the same to be communicated to all concerned.

Looking forward to a positive solution at the earliest. Very difficult for retired personnel to manage with funds blocked in a project like this.
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Triveni Super Fraud: 50 storey Tower constructed in Air

In a clear case of nexus between Super Cheater Triveni builders and Environment ministry, 50 floors have been constructed in Air and project is ready on papers. In reality, Triveni did not deliver even one flat to buyers.

Read how Environment Ministry is now falsely replying to RTIs filed by buyers association and trying to cover itself. ... =1&theater

Please find attached article from Amar Ujala newspaper.
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Around 5 more FIRs against Triveni Directors | Police non-cooperative

Around 5 more FIRs have been filed by aware middle class buyers taking total count of FIRs against Triveni Directors to whooping 55. Yet, Triveni Directors are scot free and Police is non-cooperative. Most surprisingly, Police have not registered even single FIR by themselves, all FIRs have been ordered by Court.

Faridabad Court has ordered registration of FIR against Director and employees of Triveni Infrastructure Development Co Ltd (namely Mr Madhur Mittal, Mr Sumit Mital, ...

Street Protests by TFAA against Triveni Builders ... 803691.cms

2006 में हुई थी बुकिंग, 2011 में पजेशन देने का वादा था जो अब तक नहीं हुआ पूरा
सरकार बिल्डर का लाइसेंस रद्द करे या प्रोजेक्ट को टेकओवर करे या उनके पैसे वापस दिलाए
अधिकारियों ने दिलाया कार्रवाई करने का भरोसा, पुलिस कमिश्नर ने एक्शन के लिए मांगे सबूत

नहर पार डिवेलपमेंट कर रहीं बिल्डर कंपनियों की मनमानी थम नहीं रही है। मंगलवार ...
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Directors of Pal Group arrested for fraud

फरीदाबाद. नहरपार बिल्डर पाल ग्रुप के दो डायरेक्टरों को स्टेट क्राइम ब्यूरो की टीम ने गिरफ्तार कर लिया है। इन दोनांे पर फ्लैट धारकों का करोड़ों रुपए हड़पने का आरोप है। टीम के सदस्य दोनों आरोपियों से पूछताछ कर रहे हैं। इतना ही नहीं नहर पार कई ऐसे बड़े बिल्डर हैं जिनके खिलाफ एक हजार से अधिक शिकायतें डीसी से लेकर उच्च अधिकारियों को दी जा चुकी है लेकिन उनमें से एक भी मामले में ...
Read more : Directors of Pal Group arrested for fraud | Views : 2765 | Replies : 3

Demonstration and Protest against Triveni at Jantar Mantar

A demonstration will be held at JANTAR MANTAR on 24th Jun 2012 at 01.00 PM against TRIVENI BUILDER. Please come in large number. A video on the demonstration may be seen on the following link.


pukhraj tak
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Triveni Faridabad Allottees Association


All the Triveni (Galaxy & Signature) customers who want constructed flats
has registered an association and fighting with builder.Please join
the association and create your profile on Website

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Triveni Signature, Sector 89, Faridabad


Flat owners of this project have been waiting from the last 5 years. Nobody knows exactly what will happened with their dream project. I think now we have reached to a situation now or never. We should stick together and do something about it otherwise we will have to forget the amount we have invested in this project.

We request all the flat owners of this project should come together and make their plan ...
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Status of Payments from Triveni through Court Case (EOW)


Do anyone has any update on the next payment date from Triveni. Many investor of Triveni Galaxy/Signature went to court thru Economic Offence Wing. As per the agreement Triveni agreed to return 80% of the money . Out of this 80% , first installment is already received in Dec'2010/Jan'2011. Has anyone within that group know when is the second installment due.

Also the for the remaining 20% it was decided to go thru Consumer ...
Read more : Status of Payments from Triveni through Court Case (EOW) | Views : 6916 | Replies : 12




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