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Connect and meet with residents of Puri Pranayam, Sector 82-85 Faridabad

Fight Against Puri Construction - Let Us Join Hands

Dear Pratham Buyers,

My name is Harish Bhardwaj, i am currently living in Puri Pranayam. I have a flat T4/502,in Pratham Project .
I have been fighting with PCPL for Pratham and Pranayam both projects from last 2 years.

PCPL has charges EDC charges more than thew Govt. Demand, i have evidence.

PCPL is going to increase super area by 14.5 % against mentioned in Builder Buyer agreement 15 % But the built area will ...
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Puri Constructions harassing Pranayam Residents, disconnects power demanding illegal electricity charges

Since the past few months Puri Constructions (PCL) had been insisting upon "The Pranayam" owners / residents to pay charges for common area power consumption. An audit conducted by a team of owners / residents comprising of CAs (in practice) and Engineers revealed that bulk of the domestic electricity from the common connection was mis-used by the builder for commercial purposes while the cost of energy piled on the owners. The audit report was sent ...

Refund of EDC And Cost of Steel Escalation

Most of the Unit holders who have taken possession of their units have paid (1) EDC over and above the legtimate and including (2) Cost of steel Escalation demanded by the builder for those Unit holders who did not qualify for this rise .The builder must refund the extra costs charged to Unit holders ,which have been paid by Unit Holders at the time of taking the possession of the Unit.GFWA must devise a procedure ...
Read more : Refund of EDC And Cost of Steel Escalation | Views : 1574 | Replies : 0

Unjustified cost of steel escalation and heavy maintenance changes

Some additional points need consideration :
Escalation on steel charged by The builders for those unit holders who paid 95 percent down payment is illegimate .
Also if the R.c.c frame and slabs were installed at the time of booking of unit , escalation on steel is unjustified .This is universal practice and the builder must be requested to refund the amount Paid by unit holders on this account.Failure to do so will amount to ...

EDC Charges - Course of action?

Hi Everyone,

Just want to know what is the course of action for those who have already paid the EDC charges ans have taken the flat's possession :huh:

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School construction started near Pranayam and BPTP D Block


Che construction of high school has started near Puri Pranayam
Read more : School construction started near Pranayam and BPTP D Block | Views : 1570 | Replies : 0

Letter indicating termination

Hi Group,
Despite mailing Puri and telling then that I need more time to make payments; I have received a letter stating since 30 days are over therefore they are likely to terminate the contract. It reads more like a threating letter, can they do that legally?

Can someone advice?
Read more : Letter indicating termination | Views : 1854 | Replies : 2

Puri Pranayam final demand

Dear Pranayam buyers,

What should we do with the final demand includes unjustified payments like electricity, steel etc.

pls sugest and come forward in a group for the same.

Read more : Puri Pranayam final demand | Views : 2520 | Replies : 2

Occupation Certificate received For Puri Pranayam

Puri has received Occupation Certificate for Pranayam ... sp?lk=prn1

"Occupation Certificate Received for All Towers.
Final Demand Notices for handover being sent Phase wise to customers starting with Blocks A, B, Towers C1, C2, D2, D5.
Other Towers will follow shortly."
Read more : Occupation Certificate received For Puri Pranayam | Views : 6008 | Replies : 17




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