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Report any criminal, crime to Faridabad Police through SMS

Postby webmaster » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:10 am

An initiative by Faridabad Police to involve citizens in policing, please make use of this facility to highlight and report any crime or police related matter.

Any individual can send a SMS to 9582200909 regarding Criminal, Crime related issues.

The Faridabad police have zeroed in on an innovative way to involve citizens in policing. Now any resident of Faridabad can text the police about any criminal activity and walk away with a cash prize if his/her information is found to be correct.

This way, you won’t have to deal with lower rung police personnel knowing your identity if you want to share any information regarding a criminal because only the city’s top police officers and the commissioner will have access to it.

Named Information to Police Commissioner (ITPC), the scheme has been introduced to promote citizen’s participation in policing. Now anyone can send an SMS to the number 9582200909 if they want to report information on any criminal or crime.

A senior Faridabad police source told HT that relating information about a crime or criminal on PCR’s 100 number has often led to the identity of the informer being exposed.

“The important thing is that name of the informer will be a guarded secret. His mobile number and name will not be revealed to anyone save a few officers and myself. He would be allotted a token number through SMS, with which he can meet us to elaborate on the tip-off he provided,” said AS Chawla, Commissioner of Police, Faridabad.

The prize money could go up to R1 lakh depending on the gravity of the information provided, Chawla added. He also said that the police will welcome any suggestions that may come for better policing or traffic management that may be conveyed through the SMS service.

The ITPC scheme is one of the many plans in offing for better policing in Faridabad. Chawla also talked about a scheme that will help you file a complaint through SMS. Named the Complaint to Police Commissioner (CTPC), its modalities are still in the works.

When asked about people sending SMSes with misleading or false information, the police chief said, “We will go easy on such informers initially. The plan is to make such people realise that repetition of such an act can cause him serious trouble.” ... 32756.aspx
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