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Mega Plans for Electrification of Greater Faridabad Region

Postby dp2013 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:19 pm

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Paras Rai

As per a report in the Hindi Daily, Dainik Jagran, elaborate plans have been prepared for electrification of the Greater Faridabad region. Promising to be one of the most modern and well-planned region in the NCR region that provides the modern lifestyle to its residents, it goes without specific mention that the region will be able to provide all the basic amenities to its residents. While the developers have ensured the provision of amenities at the project-level, the government is playing its part in providing all infrastructure facilities. These include the wide roads, water supply, sewage disposal, bridges over the canals, electricity supply, transportation system and other infrastructure development initiatives.

Even though the development of the projects is underway, the people are beginning to come for residing in their homes in the projects which have been completed. At the project level, there is a provision for providing the electricity to a residential unit. At the same time, there has been an elaborate plan for meeting the needs of electricity for the whole region. Let us get abreast with what all lies in store on electricity front for the whole region.

1. Development of a power plant is underway in Mothuka and Arua village. Once completed, this plant will be able to produce 1500 MW of electricity. It is estimated that there will be a requirement of 700 MW of electricity in this region in future.

2. There is also a provision for developing a 400 KV substation by 2017. This will serve as a base for getting the electricity from the plant and redistributing to the other substations.

3. Besides the 400 KV substation, there will be 3 substations of 220 KV to which the former will supply the electricity.

4. Next in the order of hierarchy will be 11 substations of 66 KV to which the electricity will be distributed by the 220 KV substations.

It will be from these 11 substations of 66KV each that the electricity will be supplied to the residential, commercial, institutional and other final consumers. All these electrification measures are being undertaken as a part of the 12th Five Year Plan and with the intent of meeting future requirements of the whole region. Electricity supply will play a predominant role in the development and growth of the Greater Faridabad region in future. It will also be a predominant factor in decongesting the capital city as people would be seeking residences in those regions which offer modern living amenities close to the capital city.
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Re: Mega Plans for Electrification of Greater Faridabad Region

Postby webmaster » Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:05 pm

Thanks for the news.

Always post the link to the original/source article if posting from a different website. Thanks.
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