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Flat buyers consent required for project layout changes by developer - Noida Authority

Postby sendtomanish » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:25 pm

I wish this law should be in Haryana!!

NOIDA: The Noida Authority has stepped in to give more power to flat buyers by making it mandatory for all developers to get a letter of consent from allottees if they want to make changes in their initial layout plan. The move comes following regular complaints from flat buyers regarding unwarranted changes carried out by developers in the layout plan of a housing society.

The Uttar Pradesh Apartments Act has a similar provision whereby developers are not authorized to make substantial changes in the layout of a housing society without informing the flat buyers. While areas under the jurisdiction of the Noida Authority are not governed by the Act, the Authority has decided to borrow from the same to restore the interests of the buyers or flat owners and to ensure that the developers make a "true and full disclosure" about the housing projects.

In order to make any substantial change in the layout plan of a housing society, the developer needs to get the same revision sanctioned by the Authority and, from now on, the developer will have to bring along a letter of consent or a no objection certificate duly signed by affected buyers/flat owners to get the sanction.

"The buyers must be taken into confidence at least when the developer is making substantial changes in the layout plan," said senior town planner Rajpal Kaushik of the Noida Authority.

"In many cases, flat owners complain of nasty surprises like developers blocking their view or constructing parking lots at spots reserved for green belts and parks. The brochures and advertisements of housing societies promise a certain view, special amenities, etc, but developers later amend the layout plan due to various reasons and, ultimately, the buyer is left at a loss," he added.

The Authority has also urged the developers to maintain "more clarity" in their brochures, especially about the total covered area and the actual built up area. ... 918217.cms
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