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Housing Project Licence tied to timely building

Postby webmaster » Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:47 pm

Manveer Saini, TNN Jan 21, 2012

CHANDIGARH: Town and country department of the state has directed constructors of housing projects to submit progress reports for their works on a quarterly basis if they want their licences renewed.

This is being done to ensure strict adherence to deadlines for completion of projects. Sources said 20 constructors in Gurgaon, Faridabad and Sonepat districts were under the department's scanner. They added the directive was issued after complaints regarding delay in completion of projects and allotment of flats reached offices of senior town planners (STPs) and district town planners (DTPs).

Supreme Court had recently told the department to refrain from issuing orders related to deficiency in services by constructors. That occurred after a builder approached SC with a complaint regarding the department's directives. Justifying this initiative, director general of town and country department of Haryana, T C Gupta, said, "What we have done is in compliance with rules and guidelines of Town and Country Planning Act. All this is being done to ensure that builders follow guidelines for completion of internal and external development as well as community services. At the same time, this also helps us in monitoring construction undertaken by them."

"Since the builder has to submit a status report of the project at the time of renewal, we can easily quantify the delay. In such a case, we either withhold the renewal or the department holds rights to cancel the licence. That makes it difficult for the builder to further sell or allot units to buyers," added Gupta.

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes ... ce-builder
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Re: Housing Project Licence tied to timely building

Postby BlessU » Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:32 pm


I cant stop thanking GFWA for taking a lead and always being flexible and adopting the right approach, which works to the overall improvement of the way things are being happening.

I had hardly forgotten my post on the thread about Real Estate Issues, real-estate-legal-matters-and-queries-t932.html#p7576, that we have this very comforting news posted here by Mr Jayanta Barua which if implemented can eradicate the woes and pain of increased costs of homes that we have aspired in Neharpar Faridabad

Reproducing my post here

"Thanks for the revert.. all justice delivery systems require facts based on RTI/proofs/documents, where a complainant has proofs which are verifiable and conclusive. So no question of going to jail for 3 years if proofs are conclusive and verifiable!!

[i]Sifting of facts is no pain to get the lokayukt to book the culprit
.. If pursued with care, conviction, your legal guidance and alacrity, many cases of corruption are known and proofs available.. (can be obtained/provided). Corrupt officials have been dismissed/suspended.

Again departmental actions are being taken against such officers delivering justice, so definitely and conclusively an alternative to the conventional legal system to those mentioned in post
post7563.html#p7563 does exist, as you are aware, but not mentioned in the list.

This is less time consuming and a big deterrent for officers conniving with builders and those who are slow/inactivity/lethargic/incompetent causing delays and losses. This will also help Honest elected office bearers for smooth conduct of governance and business. So will create no need to go to court..

Hope I am able to explain myself!! If yes, lets get facts about what are
the licencing conditions for the 60+ odd licences issued in Faridabad and
what are the fines and
facts on builders getting extentions,
Facts about whether a builder has complied to the conditions of licencing

These facts in itself will logically lead to prove inconsistencies, sleezemoney, favouritism extended to builders.. I am also not calling govt officials corrupt, they are very much a part of the society but empowerment comes with information and guilty or not guilty can be decided by Lokayukt based on information through RTI."[/i]

A brave and unique step of GFWA for daring to start a discussion on topics that effect each and every person who is a member here.. Many forums exist but Kudos to GFWA for having started Legal options and Real estate legal matters as two remarkable threads. :hap2:

Just have hope and a strong conviction that WE ARE ALMOST THERE, NEED A BIG LARGE LUNGE towards our goals :flag:

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Re: Housing Project Licence tied to timely building

Postby Adarsh Aggarwal » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:31 pm

ddamitav wrote:My Dear Friends,

This is India a country where rule of law does not prevails. What DTCP will do if they found a builder is not adhering to the law?? Nothing they just let them go.

One thing is clear to me that when ever i buy any thing be it a property be it vegitable like potato or onion first I will see the product and if satisfied then only I will proceed no FUTURE COMMITMENT..... this is a lesson I learned...

Trust me, please unite and extend our our to GFWA as they are doing a great job. What ever positive is happening that is due to the pressure GFWA is putting on shame less HOODA GOVT.

be sure that the moment we loose the pressure things will move -ve direction... these people are spine less shame less and idiots.... enjoying our hard earned money as edc idc.

I would also like to ask the member whether they paid the enhanced EDC or not!! I am not happy with the advocate the way he is handling the matter, he is not able to get a stay till further notice as we are paying huge interest on non payment of EDC?? he sld be accountable for this. this is my personnel openion.




Dear All,
The so called directions are nothing but a reproduction of powers under the law. The question is how the DTCP was sleeping over the matter for such a long time. As per Act under which the licence is granted, the builder has to complete the development in 2 years, where was DTCP when it was granting renewal time and again when there was no justification at all.

After such hue and cry, they has asked the builders, it is just like central government setting up a enquiry commisssion when allegations of corruption are there and then people goes to sleep.

All the action enmated by DTCP are nothing but just an eyewash like i said earlier.

Adarsh Aggarwal
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Adarsh Aggarwal
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