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BE AWARE !!! Your Flat in Savana is llkely to receive Demolition Notice

Postby bienpanda » Sun May 11, 2014 5:25 pm

Dear Savan Flat Buyers,

That the initial license to Savan was issued for an acreage of 49.018 acres on which they had constructed salable area of 36.49 lakhs sqft. Subsequently by their own admission they have hived off 8 acres from the project thus constructing the project in an area of 41 acres consisting of same 36.49 lakhs sq ft of salable area.

I have two observations here:

a. Have they not violated the FAR norms by going beyond the permissible 175 to 202 .What happens in case the permission for same does not come through? Are they going to demolish them? Then who is going to penalized for this the builder or the buyers? Since this act of theirs is illegal it commits a criminal case amounting to cheating, fraud, harassment and obtaining pecuniary benefits by indulging in unfair trade practices detrimental to the interest of customer.I hereby call upon RPS to desist from same forthwith and advise all buyers that "there is a near certain possibility that some flats may get demolished in future by the licensing authorities for an illegal activity committed by the Builder". And dear friends, it could be your flat that would get demolition notice.... a la Campa Cola complex of Mumbai style ..

b. Since the Colony size has been reduced from 49.018 acres ( by their own admission) to 41 acres, have they not committed fraud and cheating on buyers by advertising some facts based on which the buyers had decided to purchase flat from you and subsequently changing same unilaterally without seeking permission/concurrence from the buyers? It appears to me that this is a serious case of fraud and cheating.

In this may I bring to your kind notice the following: “If the builder wants to undertake additional construction, which is not part of the layout plan shown to flat allottees at the time of executing the purchase agreement or in cases of the builder/developer makes changes in the use of land or in the layout plan and the structures with respect to the one given in the agreement, he must obtain the consent of the allottees.”

Since they have not so, they have committed a criminal breach of trust and you may kindly treat this as my advice to serve them with legal notices to rectify same forthwith, failing which who knows your flat number shall be up for demolition... this is certainly going to happen, sooner than later... Trust me,

B N Panda
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Re: BE AWARE !!! Your Flat in Savana is llkely to receive Demolition Notice

Postby naveenarichwal » Mon May 12, 2014 11:14 am
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