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News from HUDA

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News from HUDA

Postby parulmak » Tue May 31, 2011 3:01 pm


I am pasting the news related to our sectors from HUDA review meeting for Faridbad, please go through below points:

Agenda Item No.1: Status of Projects/ Development Works
1. Const. of ROB on the bye pass road sec-59 & 61, Faridabad:-Chief Engineer-I stated that total estimated cost of the work of approaches was Rs.19.08 Crores and expenditure of Rs.9.32 Crores has been incurred till date. For enhanced scope of work of HUDA portion the consent of the contractor regarding his willingness to execute the work at prescribed rates would be obtained with in 7 days. If the contractor is not ready to execute the work the tenders would be called for the enhanced scope of work.
ii) FCTCP desired that penalty clauses as per PWD code be incorporated in this type of work and progress of work be reviewed every month. Periodical Progress Report be sent to the Administrator, HUDA, Faridabad,Chief Administrator and through email to FCTCP.
iii) FCTCP directed that any delay of this work will attract initiation of disciplinary proceedings. Work be completed by March, 2012.
2. By-pass road 2nd lane Sector-59 to 37, Faridabad:- Chief Engineer-I stated that work has been delayed due to presence of Jhuggies/Shops on the site of project. Administrator, Faridabad was directed to remove the
encroachments within 3 weeks. DTP, Faridabad shall identify khasra Nos. of the land which has not been acquired so far. It was further directed that work shall be completed by 31.07.2011.
3. 2nd lane carriage way road from ROB to Ankhir chowk:-
i) EE-II Faridabad informed that the DNIT has been prepared and work would be taken up in October, 2011.
ii) FCTCP directed that the work must be started by 1.8.2011 after following the tendering process and the same must be completed within 15 months i.e. by 31.10.2012.
4. Development of new sectors across Agra Canal (External sewer,Fbd):-
i) FCTCP directed that possession of land be handed over to HUDA by 15.5.2011 and estimates of all Master Services viz water supply, sewerage, SWD & roads be prepared.(Action by : Admn.Fbd., LAO Fbd.& EO Fbd.)
ii) Chief Administrator directed the Chief Engineer-I to issue circular that XENs would certify that site is clear in all respects.
iii) CE –I intimated that the estimate of master roads of sector-75 to 89 would be submitted for approval by 15.6.2011 after possession of land is handed over to Engineering Wing and estimate of other master services
would be submitted (Service wise) for approval after every one month thereafter. (Action by CE-I)
iv) FCTCP directed DTP (Faridabad) to omit the roads (appx.length 500 mtr. & 2200 mtr.) abutting sector-80, 87 and canal and replan the roads ( appx. length 1000 mtr.) of sector -84 within a week as thickly populated
area is coming in the alignment of master roads. (Action by STP Fbd.)
v) Chief Engineer-I informed that some people are digging the land and lifting the earth. Estate Officer, HUDA, Faridabad was directed to lodge FIR against them and send report within a weeks time.
vi) Work of laying the above master services be completed by June, 2013 for which appropriate steps be taken for execution. (Action by CE-I & SE concerned)
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Re: News from HUDA

Postby s1joshi » Tue May 31, 2011 4:23 pm

Hi Parul

Thanks for the nice summary, I presume this is the snippet from the proceedings of the Review Meeting of Faridabad Zone held under the Chairmanship of Sh.S.S.Dhillon,

@All : If you would like to refer to complete document, You may refer to the link posted by Gaurav sometime back

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Re: News from HUDA

Postby bhartendu » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:16 pm

thanks for news update.
According to the news point No. 4 - iv) FCTCP directed DTP (Faridabad) to omit the roads (appx.length 500 mtr. & 2200 mtr.) abutting sector-80, 87 and canal and replan the roads ( appx. length 1000 mtr.) of sector -84 within a week as thickly populated area is coming in the alignment of master roads. (Action by STP Fbd.)

is it means that the road from Modern Delhi public school towards SRS is removed from plan.
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