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Re: What about elecricity fittings in rps-savana

Postby ddamitav » Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:46 pm

so still there is time we must act now so atleast by mid 2011 some of the things will in place.

and we can make it collectively. else you know............. All iz well.............
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Location: Mumbai

Re: What about elecricity fittings in rps-savana

Postby rijabano » Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:20 pm

Jayanta wrote:
gauravjain wrote:Will anybody share any positive developement or news about RPS-SAVANA. Right from the day i joined the forum we are listening bad news or negative updates only. It appears that all of us have made a mistake by purchasing in RPS-SAVANA.

Hi Gaurav, it’s true that we have not been hearing any good news about Savana and specifically about the Neharpar area recently, however its up to us whether to take the news postively or negatively. We must all admit, atleast this is what I feel, when I had taken the decision to invest in Savana, we were all aware that the real estate and infrastructure development was always on the slow side in Faridabad, specifically in the greater Faridabad area. In spite of that we all invested in Savana hoping that the situation would improve, and now we must not give up that hope.

We cannot expect miracles to happen and Faridabad to transform into a cyber city like Gurgaon overnight, it will take time for things to fall into place. Having said that, I am not implying that Faridabad will turn into a world class city, it might be possible that Faridabad will always remain the poor cousin of Gurgaon and infrastructure will never come up like the way we expected, so its up to us to rise up and create a world class society from whatever we have. Things like infrastructure are beyond our control, but atleast we should make the effort of improving it by whatever means we can, and atleast make sure that our RPS Savana society is inhabitable comfortably.

This forum was created as a platform to share these news about RPS Savana, about Faridabad. Since this a huge residential project impacting a lot of families, these issues are expected to crop up, everything cannot be expected to work like clockwork, and this forum gives us an opportunity to gain insights into these problems and make an effort to resolve them amicably before it gets out of hand.

We will be hearing a lot of bad news with the project ongoing, and we do not want this forum to be a bearer or harbinger of bad news, or the entire purpose of this forum will be defeated. We would want this forum to be successful in making our Savana a best-in- class society.

I believe Savana is in a much better situation than most of the other residential projects in the area.
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