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Refund of EDC Charged by RPS Palms

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Refund of EDC Charged by RPS Palms

Postby rajeevchandak » Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:54 pm

Dear Members of RPS Palms, Has any one demanded / got any refund from the builder on account of Enhanced EDC paid by us.
As per RPS own calculation, Government had asked for 58.21 Lacs per acre, accordingly for plot of 270 Sq. Yards, it comes out to 3,18,500.00.
Even if we agree for this figure of 3,18,500.00, the same should be divided among 3 Units (GF / FF / SF)
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Re: Refund of EDC Charged by RPS Palms

Postby » Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:38 pm

I do not know the yer of issuance of license to RPS as the EDC or EEDC is determined which year( calendar) the license is issued.

The amount of EEDC as 58.21 Lacs per Acre is absolutely impossible as the the EEDC for the year 2006 is Rs 23.70 lacs per acre for a PLOTTED COLONY.

You may calculate by way of compoundable multiplying @10% each year until the year 2008 or reduce by @10% to calculate for the year 2005.
For a license issued before 2005 or after 2008 no EEDC is applicable because new EDC policy was announced in the year 2011 effective 2009.

Similarly EEDC for the GH license in the year 2005 was Rs 90.84 lACS and can be calculated by way of compounding multiplying each year @10%.

This is for the information and doing the needful.


E & O.E.
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Re: Refund of EDC Charged by RPS Palms

Postby nirbhay3486 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:41 am

Dear Abhijit,

This is not going to end here, They are going to ask you to sign the Undertaking document that you will not file any case against RPS and its people in future. This undertaking document has 21 clause all against the right of Buyers. I am also one of the buyer and i rejected to sign this document and asked for details of Cost escalation according to clause 2 which clearly state that "price will be escalation free from the date of Builder Buyer agreement until unless there is exorbitant rise of price". which they are neither denying not sharing from last 4 month.

I am filling legal case against RPS in few days to get my right of delayed penalty and handover of my unit as i have already paid the entire amount and would like to reserve my right of delayed penalty, which they are blindly adjusting.

Bhupender Sharma
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Re: Refund of EDC Charged by RPS Palms

Postby abhijitdev » Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:47 pm

Dear Bhupender;

Thanks for the info.In fact I have already served RPS a legel notice asking them for the details of the price escalation,Govt. taxes paid copy and on what basis they have adjusted the penalty amount which according to them has been adjusted towards the escalation.
Has anyone else has taken the same route,as I feel ,the more of us gets together the more would be the pressure on the RPS.

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