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Spread the word about our community, help us grow stronger!

Postby webmaster » Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:46 pm

Dear members,

With the inception of our community, we are slowly and steadily trying to build a one-stop platform for all our residential owners in Greater Faridabad to reach a common goal and work towards the development of the area which will impact all of us.

Our members have been trying to put every bit of effort, no matter how insignificant it may seem at this moment, to work together for a common cause which will be fruitful in the long run. We want everyone to spread awareness about this community, to spread the word about the collective effort being put together for a noble cause and to showcase to the community that this forum is dedicated towards a selfless objective and to encourage more people join us to make the community stronger. There might be numerous small communities scattered across the city who share the same objective as our forum, however might not have the right platform to reach out or connect to people on a larger scale. We would need to search and reach out to those small communities and individuals and make them aware about the existence of this community. We would also not want anyone to take the credit away from our community for the efforts being done.

With the increased penetration of internet and particularly social networking sites across the globe, we would need to take advantage of this medium to extend our reach and create better visibility and enhance the popularity of the website. We are now on Facebook and Twitter to enable our members to interact and spread messages quickly and effectively.

Join us today on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Everyone can contribute to making this website popular by posting links to our website on every social networking sites, blogs, forums and websites possible. Links to our website helps to create better visibility on the internet as it the strongest and most effective platform.
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Re: Spread the word about our community, help us grow stronger!

Postby s1joshi » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:15 pm

Friends did you notice near 60 members joined us over last one week since our protest .. Cheers !!!

There are around 50,000 residential units in plan in Neharpar Faridabad, which means we still have a lot of scope for expansion, Would request you all to try passing the message to all your friends who have invested in Faridabad and who would be interested in joining the cause.
We do not simply want to add on number count, and would be interested in having an active involvement of all our members. We will be glad to hear your ideas and suggestions in this regard
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Re: Spread the word about our community, help us grow stronger!

Postby asethi_01 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:14 am

I know every menber is doing it's bit to include to owners know to him/her. Still there lots more whom we donot know, I my view If can reach to masses then we can grow significantly.

I have one suggestion, I feel most of the investors are from Faridabad itself. If we can arrange for distributing the pamphlets with the New Papers being dsitributed in Faridabad to make people aware about our platform. It can suffice our two purpose:

1. People will become aware about our united platform
2. They will be aware about the problems in nahar par area and it will discourage them to do any further deals with these builders.

I also wish to ask the core team, How can I make contribution to your funds being utilise for all your activities.
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