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Updates on the Complaints Submitted to DC, HUDA and DTP Office

Postby yadav_ajay » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:01 pm

Updates on the Complaints Submitted to DC, HUDA and DTP Office

(Inputs from Mr Aashish Kaul and Mr Rahul Goel)

Hi all,

Our GFWA-Core team is continuously following with DC, DTP office regarding the complaints submitted to them after meeting with DC on 20th May’11.

For the same Mr. Aashish visited DTP office on 14th Jul’11 and here are the updates:

1.DTP informed that many builders had replied on our complaints.
Questions to DTP were; what steps would be further taken by his office against the replies of the builders and for the ones who have still not replied?
He(DTP) said as per the DC order the replies were to be re-directed to the DC office for further action.
The DTP was to give the names of the officers that would constitute a committee that would in conjugation with the DC carry the matter forward and under direction from DC take action if required against the builders or would help resolve any customer grievances by arranging for meeting of specific builder with the specific consumer group.
Since the DC left for training the committee could not be constituted.

2.The ATP shown the whole set of complaints that were forwarded via GFWA....behind each complaint was the letter that the DTP had sent to the builder ( our complaint forwarded to the Builders).
There were following complaints
- RPS groups ten complaints
- Omaxe's seven complaints,
- Era's ten complaint,
- SRS four complaints,
- Shiv Sai's complaints ,
- BPTP complaints by individuals.
Each one was marked to the address of GFWA (But till date we have not received any Letter from DTP office)

3.The answers that the builders had given were as under:

- RPS : They have given a three page reply, replying to 10 complaints with header to each complaint. The answers to all are of denial. In each paragraph he has said that allegation is baseless and not true. Like for PLC he says the allegation is baseless and under the agreement the clause says if at the time of possession it is found that the said unit does not fall under the PLC then the same if charged would be adjusted in the final payment. On the charge that RPS does not allow home buyers to visit the site, again the standard reply that the allegation is baseless as every week many buyers do visit the site, but it slows down the construction work and there are security concerns as construction work is at full swing....same for the rest.
-Omaxe : The reply has been sent by Omaxe but could not find by ATP. The ATP has promised let us know as and when she finds it.
-Shiv Sai : Has been the most polite builder in this list of unscrupulous builders. They have acknowledge delay and have said that they would be willing to settle with the customers. Has agreed to discuss and settle all or any issue with customers, as and when directed by the administration.
-BPTP : Has not replied...reminder has been send to reply.
-ERA: Has asked for more time to reply, saying that cannot reply to so many complaints in such short notice...reminder to him has also been sent.
- SRS : Has again said that they are willing to settle any grievance of its customers and is willing to sit across the table to satisfy the customers.

No other builder had replied, The ATP promised that reminders to them will be sent immediately with in one or two days.

HUDA administrator Meeting (lasts less than 1minutes):
1.HUDA administrator (now acting DC also) said that he would be having meeting this week with DTP and would look into constituting the committee...he wrote that point in his diary.
2.On the next question on DPR of Greater would be ready within four months.

Land Acquisition Status ( as per DTP) : 26km road's land has been acquired till date, 4km is what they would get from builders....that makes 30km from 52km...3KM would not be acquired out of 52KM (due to construction on the way)
So as on date we can say that 33km stretch has been accounted.
Remaining land is under acquisition.

Conclusion : Need to strongly follow with Govt officers and to do somthing different to wake up them,otherwise we will be at back foot.
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Re: Updates on the Complaints Submitted to DC, HUDA and DTP Office

Postby sendtomanish » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:17 pm

Looking the low priority for development,It looks like we need to hit hard to awake sleeping goverment machineary.
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