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Will you join the Protest and fight for your rights?

Poll ended at Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:02 pm

Yes, I will join
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No, I cannot join
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby kriday » Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:44 pm

i will be there to protect our future and make this a grand Success. like a friend said here we should post the event information as status on our FB Post. that could lead other to join this which may not be part of this.

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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby bverma_25 » Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:41 pm

Hi all ,

I confirm my presence with one of my friend . I have not got any polling option regrding protest on site.

Brijesh Verma
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby dheerajjain » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:37 pm

I will also JOIN protests if not forced by circumstances to stay trapped inside four walls.
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby BlessU » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:49 pm


Just a quick recap on the progress so far on the support generated for the protest on the 13th Nov.. on the link
This link has been sent to Editors of all the national dailies
Regarding comments that have been received its commendable and each one of you deserve to be APPLAUDED :clap: for the zeal shown by you guys. There has been a slight dip in the amount of comments but not I am not worried at all because the no of comments have risen VERY VERY sharply..This means a significant urge from all members to put in their valuable two cents and therefore WELDONE to you all..
Now quickly will take you through a round up of a few FANTASTIC COMMENTS which we have received on the link

The first one without any name or email address but a radical comment and a very focused one indeed
"Anonymous 19:44 28 Oct
Govt . is giving increased compensation retrospectively, not taking. how come you increased EDC and asking poor fellows to pay it immediately otherwise we will charge 15-20% interest on that. What govt. thinks- we all are docaits or chores like them that we can arrange this much money at such a short notice. We must present our case in this way. what about the EDC that we have already paid and there is no development. This all is stupid thing. If no favourable decision from high court, we must move to higher court. Govt. will have to pay everything to us. Atleast govt. can not cheat us, if we are united and ready for a long fight. This could be a lession for other govts as well."

You are absolutely right.. why pay interest at such heavy rates?? is the govt here trying to make a profit from inability of a subscriber to pay Indiscriminate and unwarranted increase in EDC?? Already most are burdened with heavy installments and rent..Futher what about the interest that HUDA has earned on EDC already paid?? has that been spent on Rohtak and Sonepat?? The reason for increase in EDC is the inactivity of the govt and poor homeseeker cannot be penalised for this..

Thanks for your comments

Another one again anonymous but having a hidden meaning behind it
"Anonymous 20:13 28 Oct
No government is decoit because what we have in govt, builders are decoit, kidnappers who just say I need money and poor fellow is obliged to provide the same. There is no difference between govt decoit and who are in jungle"

I appreciate the essence of your comment which points towards the indiscriminate and unwarranted rise in the EDC and reducing means of low wage salary earners like you and me... Obviously we are all feeling cheated as we subscribed in good faith with the builders and have been slapped with increased EDC and Super areas on our face.. This is what the protest is about.. we are a mature democracy and law should be equally applicable on builders and govt department/officials

[b]Another very strong comment and thank you for showing your real feelings
"sudeshsharma64 05:37 Yesterday
Its really a pathetic situation. I had visited Greater Faridabad few days back and found that place is not fit for stay for animals including stray dogs, forgot about human beings. Hooda, HUDA, builders has looted our hard earned money and enjoying the night parties with their friends and............Shame on congress and BS Hooda.............."

I fully agree with what you are saying and its is shame for me also to be represented by educated leaders who have let the glowing and prosperous community of Faridabad to stoop down to such levels and being so direct.. I hope The Honble Chief Minister gets the true emotions behind this statement.. Faridabad is the highest duty payer to the exchequer and has the worst infrastructure in the state.. I feel ashamed to call myself to be a person belonging to Haryana

Another One

Many Many thanks to ssg.sunilgupta 06:39 Yesterday
"my support to overall cause"

Thanks for the few words are worth million blessings to encourage those on the field..

Another One

Thank you very much, again without name or email address but very meaningful Anonymous 07:30 Yesterday
Situation of greater faridabad is not good and home buyers can't stay there even if builders handover possession of flats. Roads are pathetic and there is no basic amenities. HUDA and DC have been giving false assurances and no one is really bothered and ready to understand the real pain of home buyers. They should understand that all of 50000 flat buyers are not investors, most of them are end user and they need their home to live. But Govt officials are not listening as usual and giving TATEKH PE TAREKH without any visible action. Everytime few newspaper articles are coming for Byepass road, Bridges etc but all are paid news. These days a lot of news are coming on Greater Faridabad ( A prime destination for investors ) and one can easily makeout that it is a paid news from BPTP for promote existing and new projects in this area to make more money by attracting people unknow to realities.
It is a high time now that we all come together and approach judiciary for help as no one from Govt agencies are going to hear our voice.

Truly we should project and voice the actual image of the situation in the neharpar area by posting on facebook, twitter, various NRI Forums, Real estate Forums, Newspapers, electronic media, advertisements, sms campaigns.... The builders seduce the unassuming investor through deceiving and false marketing propaganda about which everybody should be made aware of..someone once told me BPTP is BLOOD PRESSURE THROUGH PROPERTY which is probably true as even after 6 years people are anxiously awaiting their properties..
Some very true Damini style protest.. Tarekh Pe Tarekh all empty promises and no substance..Like a true emotional person you have put forward the anger and mistrust that we today have towards HUDA, Administration, Chief Minster which has forces the educated people of Faridabad to go to court and find relief.. This country is not CHINA where people in power can crush the rights of a common man.. Article 21 is the responsibility of the govt to provide adequate housing to each and every one.. high time this is made clear to the lawyers, advocates of the politicians and their croonies.. India is a signatory to the UN Charter and any misuse of power is considered as a violation of the covenants..SO IN YOUR FACE AND MEND YOUR WAYS

Another Comment

The next one is equally eye opening and true emotions of a person who feels cheated by the GOVT, administration and the Builders. Again no name and email address
"Anonymous 08:12 Yesterday
Home buyers already paid EDC 5 years back and Govt as well as relevant departments are still sleeping with those money and not yet started development work inspite of some builders started giving posession. Instead of making any development, Govt increased EDC which is a big punch to home buyers especially who pays EMI as well as rent. I hope there would be only few investors in greater faridabad and all most all are really needy home buyers who don't have their own roof because earlier there was almost no builder flat in Faridabad for lower and middle class income group of people. In Faridabad, the scenario looks totally different in comparision with builder flat in other states. Here home buyers are crying before Govt department for development of roads etc where as in other states people fight with builders for posession. I think, Govt is thinking to develop that area just before election.

Finally, I have faith in Hon'ble High Court and hope for positive on behalf of home buyers who are really suffering a lot to reach to that area.

I fully agree and will say that it a PUNCH BELOW THE WAIST and totally unethical... all sleeping govt departments must be charged for dereliction of duty and should be given the highest punishment.. There is literally no code of conduct on the part of the sleeping departments and they celebrate their diwali while we suffer calculating how to reduce expenses on sweets and gifts!!
Courts are the only hope now as no amount of assurance will yield any action and execution on the field

Another post

Very short and sweet.. did not mention name or email address but most welcom

Anonymous 08:54 Yesterday
I support

Another Post

Again more substance.. less words
Anonymous 10:49 Yesterday
i support & will join protest

Thanks for your comments

Another post

Anonymous 10:53 Yesterday
we are a group of apartment owners in ORS Royal Residency-sector-89,Neharpar,Greater Faridabad.We would be all supporting the cause for UNITED FRONT against the unholy nexus between the builders and HUDA.all of us have put in our hard earned money into these projects but after 4 years also ,do not have a home of our own.13th Nov shall be a show of solidarity.

All groups are requested to put a message across your facebook, google, twitter etc accounts to post your comment on the link ... n_GB&pli=1 We need to generate maximum participation. All available locally must take your entire family, ladies, children old people.. If somebody is old please ask for help. If somebody doesnt have conveyance please ask for help.. Show of no of people affected and aggreived is a must.. The nexus is obvious to everybody..

Another Comment

Short and sweet Anonymous 11:03 Yesterday
we wnt our residance

Thanks for your valuable comments

Another Comment

Anonymous 11:05 Yesterday
This is really bad that despite of paying huge amount we are not getting our resdinace

Another Comment
Anonymous 11:07 Yesterday
We are in tremendous pressure

Thanks for your valuable comment

ANother comment
Anonymous 11:07 Yesterday
We are in tremendous pressure

Yes we are indeed.. emis rent and now edc, inc in super area.. its too much..

ANother comment
Anonymous 11:07 Yesterday
This is really bad

Offcourse it couldnt have been any worse
thanks for your valuable comments

ANother comment
Anonymous 11:07 Yesterday
we need our plots
thanks for your valuable comments

ANother comment
Anonymous 11:08 Yesterday
IDC / EDC demand is not accpetable becasue there is no developement in this area

Dont worry mate we are not paying.. thanks for your valuable comments

ANother comment
chaudharyvk 11:36 Yesterday
What work has been done since 2005 when we have paid the EDC. Kindly show the development done by that money.

thanks for your valuable comments, suddenly all money seems to have vanished.. we have the right to know where it has gone..

ANother comment
THanks very much for your valuable comments nksingla65 11:39 Yesterday
I strongly support the protest against indiscriminate rise in EDC by HUDA and Super Area by Builders. The CM and other concerned executives must be made answerable for the delay in executing developmental works despite receiving the EDC/IDC. The Hon'ble Court may go deeper to know where the funds are actually diverted.

Thats right, if questions remain unanswered courts should move this to CBI or Economic offences wing if required..

ANother comment
Thanks for your comments juneja.dinesh 11:40 Yesterday
Why not HUDA should be punished in this case?

Lets unite and protest

ANother comment
Thanks for your comments abhishek2627 11:54 Yesterday
Seems like supreme Court has to step in again for these issues.

If required then why not? stay united and everything will be in our favour..

ANother comment
madhusudhan.bhattacharya 12:02 Yesterday
I hope there is a positive effect of our efforts to highlight investors plight in Greater Faridabad on HUDA and other Haryana govt responsible for this mess. Thanks to all the guys who are working on ground effortlessly day after day to fight against this injustice for all rest of us !

Absolutely right people working on the ground have all the support they need..

ANother comment
AnonymousBAD Luck

we are here to make sure that miscreants get a befitting reply. Just keep watching the headlines and the court judgement.. DC, CM ke ghar ke samne tent dal ke rahenge and let them know what is BAD LUCK!!!

ANother comment
Home seeker are paying EDC fo last 6 year, they have paid thousents of crore rupee to Haryana Goverment but till date goverment has not spent a single penny on the development and increasing IDC more and more and more...............

Thanks for your comments.. sad fact is some officials are still quoting another 3 years.. its really too much. Courts should give immunity to poor investors for inaction by the departments for 6 long years and fine them to give compensation for monetary, psychological injury

ANother comment
Thanks arunkumarkadian 13:52 Yesterday
its time for haryana govt to wake up and provide justice to its citizens..

These guys think that we are second class citizens mate..

ANother comment

hitesh.gulati2006 14:17 Yesterday
This is Shameful on part of HUDA to even ask for EDC, I have been to neharpar in FBD the place has no basic amenities and now it is asking for increased EDC. This is ridiculous!

There are many shameless characters and they need to be taken to task..

ANother comment
thanks for your comments Mr sanjaylakhani 16:33 Yesterday
All the people ask that others live upto their commitments... this type of situation could have been avoided if government servants do their work properly. I support the cause ..

These guys understand their rights more than their responsibilities..

Another Comment

Thanks Mr karun.glt 16:38 Yesterday
We request the concerned authorities to please take up the development at neharpar on priority,the EDC as requested by the authority is already submitted by the builders and investors.

No one understands these priorities.. many meetings and assurances have resulted in no action till date..

Another Comment

Thanks gentlegautam 17:02 Yesterday
I support the protest against indiscriminate rise in EDC by HUDA and Super Area by Builders

Many thanks for your comments

Another Comment
Anonymous 17:42 Yesterday
Huda has to first give the details of money spend on development in Neharpar area from EDC/IDC already collected from us. After spending effectively out of collected EDC/IDC, they will only raise further demand for increased EDC

They should be made accountable for all the money..

Another Comments
Thanks for your comments Mr sun.bansal 17:47 Yesterday
I support the protest, Also I want to warn that on Nov. 1st the date of hearing HUDA may present wrong details to court like doing some patch of 5 meter they may show 5 KM of road repaired... and HUDA may try to convince court that they are doing development and as new road may take time so they are doing the patch work for time being to make it commutable... I am siting just one example... they may show wrong facts just to convince court and buy more time... and chances are that court may just get convinced somewhat and do not rollback increased EDC or least STAY the increased EDC... so I would suggest to take some latest photographs of the pathetic conditions of the neharpar area with date printed on photos... to present right facts in the court.... I beleive at present 50% of buyers may not have paid increased EDC... and just hoping on some positive outcome of result of Nov. 1st hearing.... if we do not get positive outcome this time... people may come under pressure... as they may have to pay interest on delay...

Thanks for making aware.. these guys can stoop to any level.. i am not paying increased EDC till the court rulling is in favour.. I will be happy paying interst.. Lad ke harna.. bina lade harne se acha lagkta hai..

Another Comment

Anonymous 09:42 Yesterday
Selected text:
All investing in projects in Haryana be careful. This included Gurgaon, NCR, Sonepat, Manesar, Dharuhera etc.

Thats true.. all the authorities has done is sold his and relatives land out of peoples money to HUDA for developing Industrial areas. Rates are the highest for farmland not only In India but possibly across the world in Haryana. Peoples money is being used not only to pay farmers very heavy compensation for farmland but also solarium for many many years. Ek ko ma ka ek ko mausi ka.. No NRI wants to put money in Haryana anymore UP has become better than Haryana due to irrational policies.. Soon the state exchequer will be empty

Another Comment
Thanks for your comments Vinitanandwani19 20:35 Yesterday
We been cheated like anything in a democratic country .....being known as the legitamate power ...sometime one feel is this true .The way we are been cheated and fooled by the its like a daylite robbery for whch we have to be united and have to protest like anything to show we are educated but not fool.

True.. it really does not give a feeling of being in a democratic country.. your similii are very exact reflection of the status in Haryana

Another Comment
Thanks for your comments jainneeraj2002 21:15 Yesterday
I support the protest against indiscriminate rise in EDC by HUDA and Super Area by Builders

Its a very bad situation and people who have cut their spends on basic necessities to pay emis are now being FORCED with a threat of high interest to pay EDC increase..

Another Comment
Anonymous 11:31 Today
The govt. authorities are taking undue advantage of the people who are law abiding and have a very strong beilief in the governance. However, the case against HUDA for EDC increase is a step in right direction. Lets hope for the best.

that's a perfect recipe of converting a descent society into defaulters, destitutes and evaders..thanks to the poor administration..

Well friends,,, I am sure that those who have suffered and still waiting to find justice need to come forth and put your comments on the link ... n_GB&pli=1

Your support is the most essential thing in this protest

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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby kamalkants » Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:45 pm


Yes, I will join the mass protest on 13th Nov 2011. Please provide me assembling point (near by land mark).

Kamal Kant Sharma
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby ashoka2002inin » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:02 am

Hi Ajay (Presdent of GFWA),
Hope you are having a close eye on this thread and can see the enthusiam of the peoples this time. EVeryone is ready to show their aggressions and most of us are waiting for 13th November. But few things, which need to be taken care off here are missing and I strongly beleive that GFWA has to play an important role in it.

1. We were talking about for hanging the banners at sites but it is still to done. And apart from this, we were thinking to paste the posters / bills at the HUDA office for our protest but nothing has been moved so far.

2. There is no post from the core team of GFWA becasue you are guys who can motivate the investors to take participate in the movement.

3. [b]The most important thing that have the GFWA taken the permission from police for this protest. Taking permission from the police is must otherwise the protest shall be considered illegal and threat to law and order.

4. I know the builders are culprit but HUDA is main culprit in the whole scenerio becasue everyone is spending money (Builders / buyers) except them. So why you guys ask the builders to assocaite with our movement to make it grand sucessful. Core team of GFWA may meet the associations of builders and ask them to finance our movement.

5. The important part of all the exercise which I am thinking that we are missing and they are property dealers. Property dealers make money from our property and if the areas get developed then it will benefit to them as well. Approx 500 of property office, I had seen around the neharpar area. Ask them to join us.

Therefore I would request you to meet these agencies and ask them to join us. Although you guys are tremendous job but we expect more from GFWA

Thanks :flag:
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby yadav_ajay » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:24 am

Hi Ashok (ashoka2002inin ),
Thanks for your post.
First of all we are thankful to you and @BlessU. You guys are putting great efforts to make this protest a successful event.
We are working at back stage to make this protest one of the biggest protest of Faridabad.
For the same, we need support of all Forum members. Right Now we are more than 2200 members registered with this forum. If we all 2200 members come with our families then you can think about the crowd.

It is the time to act, be a real human being. Don't live with Problems. It is your money ..will you let it go so easily..without any work from Govt Side.

Now on activities (Brief plan), In a day or two we would share all agenda and Full day plan with all members.

#1 Hope Fully from Wednesday ot Thur you can see Pamphlet in Faridabad Newspapers.
#2 Posters and Banners (working on Concept)..can someone support us for the same.
#3 actually you will never get permission from Police for such kind of Protest, but surly we would be giving intimation to Police Commissioner and DC office.
#4 Taking Builder with us can increase the risk factor, so we are avoiding this at current stage.
Moreover, Builder can't go against the Govt or District administration as they need to get their work done from all those officials. Not such.
#5 Regarding Property Dealers, If any members having good links with those, he/she is welcome to call those dealers, But make sure that there should be genuine support from all those dealers.

It’s now the time to give reply to Government that we are not helpless...Enough is Enough....
This is a wakeup call to Haryana Govt... that start development work else Faridabad can be second Hisar

We are working on some Protest Theme, so that it can be some eye catching event and Electronics Media can give some coverage for this event.

Hereby, we request all Forum members to pls come forward and support this movement.

If any member are having any links to Electronics media and National Level Print media, are requested to pls contact those and ask their support for the coverage of our protest.

We need volunteers to support us at back stage. In case anyone wants to volunteer, send a mail to, or Mention your location in the mail and if you can help in a specific activity (e.g. Media Support/poster/banner making/ pasting or pamphlet distribution in your area etc), preferably please mention the same. We need more hands to execute what we intend to do.

Ajay Yadav
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:54 am

yes I will be there with my wife and kids, pl confirm venue and timings
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby chaudharyvk » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:11 am

I'm will also join for the Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011.
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby yogesh » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:13 am

Yes, I am joining the mass protest on 13th Nov 2011. Please provide assembling point
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby Yakkshita » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:42 am

Dear All,

I will Join.

Girish Mishra
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby yadav_ajay » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:52 am



A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. What food might this contain?” He was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap. Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning. “There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!”

The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, “Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it.”
The mouse turned to the sheep and told him, “There is a mousetrap in the house.”

The sheep sympathized, but said, “I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers.”The mouse turned to the cow. She said, “Wow, Mr. Mouse. I’m sorry for you, but it’s no skin off my nose.”So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer’s mousetrap alone. That very night a sound was heard throughout the house like the sound of a mousetrap catching its prey.

The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she did not see it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.

The snake bit the farmer’s wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital, and she returned home with a fever.

Everyone told the farmer, you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup’s main ingredient.

But his wife’s sickness continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the sheep.

The farmer’s wife did not get well; she died. So many people came for her funeral. The farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat for all of them.

So, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and think it doesn’t concern you? Remember? When one of us is threatened, we are all at risk.

Have a great day !!
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby Seadog » Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:17 pm

Nibha28 wrote:Dear Friends,

I have sent my complaint :, tribune chief editor,
Your Registration Number is : GOVHY/E/2011/00420,

Hope others are doing the same. Let's keep up the momentum.


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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby kghosh72 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:29 pm

Dear Mr. Ajay,

First of all i would like to thank all of you for the kind of voluntary work all of you are putting in. I have sent a email offering my services earlier but alas it seems my skills are not required right now. Anyway to keep up the good spirit, in a lighter vein may i add, that in the version of the mousetrap story, which i heard from a malaysian chinese friend a long time back, the mouse got to hear from the pig, chicken and cow "This is not my problem, this is your problem ".

Koushik Ghosh
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Re: Mass Protest against HUDA and Builders for neglecting Greater Faridabad- Sunday 13th November 2011

Postby yadav_ajay » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:02 pm

Hi Koushik,

Thanks for your Post. I didn't find your old mail.

Anyway, I'm very sorry for the same. if you have not received any response from my team.

We all are having one or more strengths and skills, which can be put in right direction to get maximum benefits.

So don't feel that your skills can't be used. I would be calling you shortly and can discuss in details.

Any of members are interested to support us, pls mention you Complete Name and Phone no. so that we can contact you.
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