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Work Progress of P Block P-4 Row

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Forum for members of BPTP Park Floors, Parkland Faridabad

Work Progress of P Block P-4 Row

Postby tewtia1975 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:06 pm

Work Progress Of BPTP Units of P4 Row
Date of Booking 6-Jun-09
Brickwork demand date 30-Dec-10
Time taken during this demand 19 Month
Demand Raised From 6 Jun 09 to 30 Dec 2010 85% Of Total value
Demand Note raised since 30-Dec-10
Month since demand not raised 22

• It show that only in 19 month BPTP complete 90% work of unit, which include booking period also.
• The demanded 90% of total value from us in these 19 months.
• But since 22 months they have not complete only 5% work from remaining 10% work.
• It show that they have taken major amount from us and now are not worried to complete the units.
• It show that deliberately they are doing the delay in completing these units.
• This is against the ethics, this is a cheating to the customer.
• Our 20 lacs is laying ideal with BPTP since 22 months, for this we are paying EMI to bank.

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