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Discuss about project Piyush Heights, Sector 89, Faridabad.

Re: Appeal for case withdrawal against Piyush Group

Postby rao_manoj2004 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:40 pm

ghar ka bhaidi lanka dhaye ............

so now we have lot of vibhishans in this forum .......

where were these people when full lootmaar was going on by these directors .....

these people don't even have shame .... they came out first time on forum to support directors??

pathetic people with pathetic mindset .....
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Re: Appeal for case withdrawal against Piyush Group

Postby webmaster » Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:38 am

The following members have been banned as they were found to be members of Builders Lobby.

yusuf khan

If the above members feel that this is an error, please email admin
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Re: Appeal for case withdrawal against Piyush Group

Postby BlessU » Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:03 pm


That was very much a rightful action.
Its always better to remove people who are not in consonance with the purpose of the forum, rather than reacting to them.

It is but obvious that certain IDs on Online blogs/forums are created simply to derail the very positive movement being undertaken by the concerted actions of 1000s of Homeseekers. These unfortunate mentalities show selective mutism when people are crying blood instead of tears and protesting on streets. All the while they feel OK in keeping quiet when the builder is doing excesses to the buyers. These are highly selfish people with squinted thought process who have not been blessed by the almighty to think with sensitivity.

Though no justification is required for deletion of these IDs but still as a free and fair platform, all voices should be allowed and heard. It is however absolutely unfair on the part of such ids, for not having contributed ever and come up with their first post in a highly irrational/insensitive manner.

The buyers of Piyush have not gone to police of their own will but have been forced due to the insolent and non-supportive attitude of the Piyush Management. Several representations, individually and in groups have been made but to no avail. On top of that the builder went ahead by filing a fraudulent FIR against a homeseeker for threatening the directors!!!
Isnt this getting personal?? Is this acceptable behaviour???

Finally, what are the homeseekers asking for?? Are they making any unjustified demands??

No, all that the homeseekers are asking for is goods and services for which they have been extending their cooperation despite humongous delays. The affidavit that is filed by directors with DTP is in a very haughty, boorish, negative and does not show any regret or remorse. It is an insult of the judiciary. Nowhere the builder has accepted that it has done any impropriety or broken any law.

It may not be wrong to get a written affidavit from the builder COMMITTING
-Renewal of licenses,
-Payment of all govt dues,
-Rationalisation/refund of illegal/unethical costs charged from buyers,
-Time bound completion of pending works
-APPROPRIATE compensation for the delays/harassment,
-Handing over common areas and maintenance to the RWA
-finally a COMMITTED date of delivery of the homes.

Delivery is the basic essence of the Builder Buyer Agreement and the builder is in breach of this very basic tenant.

I am all praise for those who were forced by the insensitive attitude of the builder, to take the matter to police. Thanks to the administration who for having understood the plight of the homeseekers.

Keep it up.

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Re: Appeal for case withdrawal against Piyush Group

Postby dheerajjain » Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:36 pm

Forum respects diversity of views and posts even though sometimes, same may not be liked by vast majority of members. But, in this case, that these members were NOT genuine flat owners and found to be builder people. Their only objective was to split unity of flat owners in which they failed. Concerns from genuine flat owners are always respected and they can post without any fear in forum.
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