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Triveni Signature, Sector 89, Faridabad

Postby AmitSudan » Thu Feb 02, 2012 8:58 am


Flat owners of this project have been waiting from the last 5 years. Nobody knows exactly what will happened with their dream project. I think now we have reached to a situation now or never. We should stick together and do something about it otherwise we will have to forget the amount we have invested in this project.

We request all the flat owners of this project should come together and make their plan how to move forward and what all are the possibilities we have at the moment because at this point of time we cannot rely on the builder to build this area.

We welcome your suggestions on this.

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Re: Triveni Signature, Sector 89, Faridabad

Postby bkjain12 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:27 pm

Many investors have joined hands and created a group Triveni Faridabad Allottee Association (website You may like to join the fight.

BK Jain
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Re: Triveni Signature, Sector 89, Faridabad

Postby dheerajjain » Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:02 pm

Mr. Jain, It is good to know that you have made Triveni Faridabad Allottee Association. I also browsed your website and it seems that you represent those people in Triveni who are interested in construction. If that is the case, you should also send 1 representative from your association to Chandigarh for EDC issues. RTI reply shows that demand letter has been sent by Town and Country Planning to Triveni Infrastructure also for EDC increases.
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Re: Triveni Signature, Sector 89, Faridabad

Postby rajivferroin » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:24 pm

Dear Dheeraj,

First of all lets thank you people in the initiative which you have taken to help the other customers.

Now coming to Triveni; we are in a different mess and frankly speaking our priority as of now is not nehar par area development or edc or idc; given the scenario where we stand today the builder can go in liquidation any time and if that happens we will not get anything at all (as we are unsecured creditor); we are exploring options wherein we as customers itself take the construction in our hand because we still need to pay 40+ crore; but even if we want to do this it's not so straightforward because there are lot of legal complications and we need to seek lot of benefits and guarantees via court because ultimately we cannot trust builder for anything; we have submitted our proposal to the court appointed monitoring committee and waiting for their response.

We are planning to file multiple petitions in High Court to keep up the pressure, for example: scrutiny of accounts, reconstitution of committe members, baselining of allottee position, seek entire customer database, look for ourselves as to which all projects has the builder started and get a stay on those projects so that other customers are not duped. To do this we are increasing our strength and going all out in advertisement i.e. banners in NCR, pamphlets in newspapers, news etc and planning dharna's and agigtate in front of builder and other places. So for all these reasons we want to focus on our main agenda first i.e. get the construction in our hand, if this fails then builders bail should be cancelled and lets be ready to face the worst.

All the court cases against our builder are merged in one case in High Court and local authorities in Faridabad are of very little help to us; so our focus is in Delhi. In case you people plan any major Dharna in Faridabad then please let us know we will send few representatives from our group. Our entire group will not be able to participate any dharnas because we will want these people to attend triveni specific meetings and dharnas without fail. Also we have been advising our members in general to join ur group and support in individual capacity because this is a common cause and all should support anyways.

As of now we are group of 250+ customers with around 90 in queue to join us and they are undergoing joining/verification formalities. So if there are any members in your group who are thinking that customers can do the construction themselves then these should join us, our website is and we have around 21 people (so its not 1 or 2 people to volunteer its lot more) in core team to decide and move forward.

For next hearing we are now hiring couple of best senior lawyers in Delhi and will ensure that if things are not moving then atleast the bail of the builder is cancelled.

R Kumar
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Re: Triveni Signature, Sector 89, Faridabad

Postby GSambhi » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:50 pm

I am new to this forum can somebody help with an update on the status of the development at Triveni signature sector 89 FBD?
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