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Next steps after SEBI Notification and Court Cases

Postby vinayk1975 » Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:56 pm

Kinldy advise on the next steps with the view that ERA (now ADEL) is under the scanner. Anyhow the Redwood project is much delayed and I am one hapless customer and have no idea what will happen.

Just as a note - ERA Redwood Residency has collected Rs. 20K for piped gas in the last 4 months.

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Re: Next steps after SEBI Notificaiton and Court Cases

Postby naveenarichwal » Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:37 am

Dear Sir There is no Infrastructure for Piped Gas supply in Era Redwood at present & does not seem that it will be there in Distant future also.

Court case & SEBI issues are extrenious factors on which Redwood Buyers have no Control. For redwood Buyers it will have same effect as say war in Ukraine and its effect in India. Dont worry Nobody can control whatever happens. ;)
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Re: Next steps after SEBI Notificaiton and Court Cases

Postby arppie » Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:33 am

Minutes of Meeting of Redwood Residency RWA (RRFOA) Dated 21.06.2015

1. President welcomed all the members with congratulations for "World Yoga Day".

2. All the points of last meeting were explained and approved by the presented members.

3. Achievements of Redwood Residency RWA (RRFOA) since first meeting were distributed to all presented members and discussed in details.

4. Income and Expenditure, Payment and Receipt accounts and Balance Sheets accounts was discussed in details and approved by the presented members.

5. Consumer court case and modalities were discussed in in-depth details.

6. Mr. M K Khurana as Advisor, Mr. Pankaj Kesri as Co-opted Member and Mr.
Ravinder Goel as Financial Auditor have been taken in the executive committee to strengthen the committee.

7. Few members of executive committee are not attending the monthly meetings due to various personal reasons. Intimation has been sent to those committee members to remain present on next meeting/ activities and future events. In case of their failure to be present the remaining executive committee members will opt new members in their replacement. However they will continue to remain as our honorable members as RWA very well understands individual personal commitments and spare time available varies from one individual to the other.

8. It was proposed that apart from monthly meetings, some social activities in the society will be explored and carried out on regular intervals. Any suggestions for the same are welcome.

9. Problems from individuals were discussed in details and concerns from all individuals were resolved.

10. During the various meetings held with ERA Management , Capri and other authorities association has discussed various points for which some action has been taken by ADEL. Following development has taken place in the society.
a) Three benches for sitting in the EFGH premises were provided.
b) One bench with two rides were provided between Club and Tower D. Jhulas installed in tower I.
c) Street Lights were installed in ABCD premises. Lights in all floors of tower D.
d) Finishing materials were ordered for tower B and C.
e) Receiving of finishing material for Tower C in process.
f) Labor is engaged for finishing of tower C.
g) Labor is engaged for completing of flats in tower DEF.
h) Lift in Tower D becomes operational.
i) There will be increase in labor from July onwards to finish the ABC towers.
j) Finishing work in lot of flats of DEF towers has been initiated by ERA Project In charge.

Credit for the above goes to each one of us who have continuously followed up at various instances and put pressure on ERA to deliver. Kudos of our Unity which should boost our confidence to achieve much more.

11. 9 new members has joined the group from last meeting.

12. Next meeting is decided on 19.07.2015 at 11 am at Redwood Residency.

13. Our priority focus areas will be completion of A,B,C towers and improving livability in the society.

14. All members were advised to give any of their individual issues in writing to Mr. Vivek Gupta/CRM and cc to RWA Email ID at for proper documentation and follow up.
15. The meeting was ended with vote of thanks.

thanks & regards,
piyush gupta
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Re: Next steps after SEBI Notification and Court Cases

Postby arppie » Mon May 09, 2016 3:11 pm

Hi Members,

Those have flat in ERA Redwood Residency B & C Tower, There is a scheme launch by ERA to complete the your Flat in next 90 days.

There is 5 phase structure plan. Those who are interested Please contact Redwood Residency Flat Owners Association on 15 May 9.30 AM at redwood sector 78 site Near Tower D.


Piyush Gupta
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