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Community forum and connect with residents of BPTP Park Grandeura, Sector 82 Faridabad

BPTP blocks entrance of Grandeura for Residents

Postby BlessU » Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:44 pm


Cheating, fraud, misrepresentation and lack of facilities in Park Grandeura by BPTP

Check coverage by local media as received along with comments

Kindly find attached the media coverage as telecast in BVM News Channel. Higher resolution video can be found at
https://www.F A C E Book /pgrwagf
The F ac e book account of Park Grandeura-RWA

"Check before your buy"


BPTP is Unchi dukan Phika Pakwan.

Col Ravinder kumar Tandon-

" We were promised Community center, Club, badminton Court, Good material, Tennis court, nursery school, Singapore design... now it feels we are living in a slum.. Parking Basements are leaking, Sliding doors are not working properly, solar water heating system is not working, fire system not working and despite complaints written to the Municipal Commissioner still not working , No sewerage, Over head tanks are overflowing and are uncovered causing seepage, Shops sold to investors hence all are locked and not meant for inhabitants. People have to go to sector 15-16 market for daily needs.

Gate was sealed with welding and locked in day around 5PM while most people were out on work. No prior information was provided to residents.. this was done because electricity board raided.. police was informed, police was given false excuse of dtcp letter asking them to close the gate pasted. There is no signature on DTCP notice. This is sheer GUNDAGARDI. The real cause behind closing of Tigaon Road Gate was mentioned to be complaint made by residents against illegal construction on areas meant for common facilities. This gate used being used to purchase daily needs from nearby shops"

This as it appears is more with a spirit of VENDETTA against the RWO for complaining to authorities about

- Illegal FAR construction on common area to make crores. DECK is on the plot licensed for Grandeura!!! Buyers of DECK beware.
- Non provision of common facilities under the Haryana Regulation and Development of Urban Areas Act,
- False declaration submitted to dtcp under the Haryana Apartments Act.
- Illegal charging of fixed cost of electricity
- Illegal use of Residential load for Commercial Construction of EWS and DECK in the vicinity
- Blatant neglect of Fire safety, non functional and incomplete set up
- Misuse of subsidy received on account of Solar Equipment
- Cracks in basement pillars causing structural concerns
- Seepage all over in internal and external walls, roofs etc
- Various other complaints highlighted to DTCP, Local administration.

The electricity department has a regular CHAAPPA and this probably irked the management. Above may be confirmed to be believed. ... post743554

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Senior Member
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Re: BPTP blocks entrance of Grandeura for Residents

Postby stuteja » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:48 pm

BlessU wrote:- Cracks in basement pillars causing structural concerns

This is really dangerous. Is there another SRS in the making??

GFWA senior members and all of us need to seriously do something about it. Faridabad comes in seismic zone 4.

There is patience for everything but not for safety of residents. I think the BPTP owners should be put behind the bars for such negligence.
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Re: BPTP blocks entrance of Grandeura for Residents

Postby AAN111 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:33 pm

BPTP will create third party rights to BPTP Park Grandeura, and then the court will say - let the new residents remain in Park grandeura, as they have paid and where else can they go. Chill out everyone.

The same happened in a Mumbai top notch apartment, and I forget the name, (I would have added here, if I remembered it), The residents alleged that the builder had taken permission after part of the property was sold, and they went to court to stop creation of third party rights to any new buyer. In the end, the builder had to rescind and not build the additional apartment.
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