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Puri Constructions harassing Pranayam Residents, disconnects power demanding illegal electricity charges

Postby BIDBAT » Fri May 30, 2014 9:26 am

Since the past few months Puri Constructions (PCL) had been insisting upon "The Pranayam" owners / residents to pay charges for common area power consumption. An audit conducted by a team of owners / residents comprising of CAs (in practice) and Engineers revealed that bulk of the domestic electricity from the common connection was mis-used by the builder for commercial purposes while the cost of energy piled on the owners. The audit report was sent to PCL by the RWA (interim) but they refused to cognize the same.

Some of the salient points that were pointed out to PCL included:

(1) All late payment penalties of the bulk electricity bill by DHBVN to PCL are charged and recovered from the Residents in the garb of common area power charges (CAPC)

(2) Diesel for DG Sets was purchased by centralized dept. of PCL which supplied diesel to all the projects viz. Anad Villas, Pratham, VIP Floors & Pranayam and no separate account with supportings was maintained for Pranayam, The entire -Diesel cost being piled on The Pranayam residents.

(3) No proper gate entries were maintained and in one case (where slips were available) our audit team found that the Requisition was for 2400 Lts (billed to Pranayam) where as gate entry showed only 1000 Ltr. Thus reflecting inflated billing or else, proliferation of large qty diesel.
(4) Expenses that were made by PCL for other projects charged from the residents ;

-Electricity for All Welding & finishing works -school construction, other tower finishing work etc.
-Electricity for all flat works from May 13 onwards
-Electricity expenses for Lifts used by project team and their labours
-Electricity used for completion of under construction towers
-Electricity used for construction of Schools
-Electricity used for construction of Shops in A Block
-Electricity used for Construction of compound walls
-Electricity used for Basement finishing work
-Electricity used for construction of EWS building

(5) Electricity Bills for 41 flats not even raised (probably they belong to builder)

While, some owners/residents paid out these illegal charges due to fear of disconnection many did not, although, all paid their domestic consumption charges as billed even if there were billing disputes. PCL disconnected the domestic electricity of those who did not pay the CAPC. Infact, these frugal charges could have been met out of the interest PCL is earning on our IFMS which is actually going into their pockets. A person who has paid about 1 cr for a flat could easily pay ~Rs 1000 per month for CAPC. Matter may not be of amount, but of facts and justice.

When the power connection of the 70+ residents was disconnected by by the mighty PCL to teach residents a lesson for not obeying and honouring their illegal demands, affected residents had no choice but to knock doors of the court.

The Hon. Court granted ad interim stay directing PCL to reinstate the connection and not to resort to disruption of electricity.

Despite this court order, PCL officials refused to acknowledge and reinstate power.The residents went to local PS but that yielded no results. Compelled, irate residents went to the BPTP bridge and formed a human chain for 15 mins. Sr. Fbd Police Officials intervened and ensured reinstatement of uninterrupted power supply. The residents' peaceful protest at the BPTP bridge helped.

Meanwhile, with timely support from Mr.Ajay Yadav, Secretary, GFWA our voice of protest got media coverage.

A BIG Thanks to GFWA to standby in the hour of need.
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Re: Puri Constructions harassing Pranayam Residents, disconnects power demanding illegal electricity charges

Postby RSHYAMGARG » Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:58 pm

BPTP is also charging Rs.6.47 paisa per unit for Villa in F&G BLOCK. It mean they are charging electricity bill of common area bill from us
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