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Fight Against Puri Construction - Let Us Join Hands

Postby BIDBAT » Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:23 pm

Dear Pratham Buyers,

My name is Harish Bhardwaj, i am currently living in Puri Pranayam. I have a flat T4/502,in Pratham Project .
I have been fighting with PCPL for Pratham and Pranayam both projects from last 2 years.

PCPL has charges EDC charges more than thew Govt. Demand, i have evidence.

PCPL is going to increase super area by 14.5 % against mentioned in Builder Buyer agreement 15 % But the built area will not be changed. They will do so to get more money from our pockets. After it before position offer they will ask us to pay steel escalation charges about 3 or 4 % as mentioned in builder buyer agreement which is a one sided Buyer Binding agreement. They charged in Pranayam by imposing the condition for Position. after that PCPL will force all buyers to sign a maintenance agreement with their sister concern FULL MARK FACILITES MANAGEMENT for 5 Years and extendable for next 6 years. they charges hefty maintenance charges Rs 3.00,same has been charges in Pranayam. The Common ARE ELECTRICITY CHARGES are 0.53 per square feed in addition to maintenance charges, so Total maintenance charges are 3.53 per square feet. if we dont pay then they disconnect the light of flat. We are already suffering and fighting in court.
they also charges compulsory min charges for Power back up Rs150 per Kilo watt, weather we use power back up or not.

As informed by some resident that in Pratham thery are forcing a minimum back up 3 KVA. For it we have to pay 450 +12.36 % service charges every month which is illegal.

So, every one have to pay about 5 to 6 lac more before registry and after registry all have to about 4% per square feet on account of Maintenance and power back up and we get poor quality services as in Pranayam.
Power back up charges are also demanded very high.

Beside all payments, they give you inferior quality flat with lot of snags like half baked bricks used in construction, different shade tiles used inside, Walls are not at Right Angle, wall plaster poor, second grade gates and fittings, floor level and balcony level wrong, major seepage problem, Water logging in Parking, Pack to back parking etc these we are experiencing in Pranayam . We have formed a strong team in Pranayam.

PCPL is more interested in earning money but they are least interested in timely delivery of good quality apartments.

There is only one solution to control PCPL that is we have to form a Pratham Buyers Group to fight unitedly, so that we can prevent cheating of all of us by PCPL.


I invite only those buyers who are ethical and interested to join for honestly fighting with the builder for their rights are most welcomed and others please excuse.

Best Regards

Harish Bhardwaj

A2/702, The Pranayam,Sec. 85, Faridabad.

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GFWA Member
GFWA Member
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Re: Fight Against Puri Construction - Let Us Join Hands

Postby Abhimanyu » Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:13 am

Hi Harish & Everyone,

Is there any whatsapp group for Puri Pratham buyers.

Want to unite with other buyers against Escalation charges quoted by builder in possession letter.

Abhimanyu Hooda
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Junior Member
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