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Greater Faridabad Welfare Association meetings and important events information section

Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby akhil.kumar » Wed May 18, 2011 1:53 pm

BPTP Park Land(Plot)-As writtent to Dheerajji and Vanitaji, I wish to attend for this but my brother will attend for me as I am away from the country.


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Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby puneetgarg » Wed May 18, 2011 2:35 pm

Dear all members of GFWA

I will try my best to personaly come at the meeting place on 20th may for making the efforts sucesseful. meanwhile please find below details and status of my flat

my flat details are.........

project :- piyush heights

tower:- delux tower

project started:- in last moths of 2006

originaly booked:- in feb,2007

scheduled delevery:- mid 2010

i purchased in resale on:- september 2010

expected delevery:- october 2011

penalit clause:- rs. 5/- per sqft from 36+6 months from the date of builder buyer agreement (for every resale date will start from new builder buyer agreement i.e. date of builder buyer agreement with the new purchaser. it is rediculas)

project status:- very very difficult to get possession in this year

other comments:- many facilities which were promissed at the time of booking for delux flats like wooden work, geesers etc, are now refusing to provide, as these facilities are not written any where in any paper. no proper responce either at project site or at head office, different persons (employees at site and customer care representative at HO) of piyush have different comments about the complision and the faciliites of the project

with lots of support

Puneet Garg
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GFWA Member
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Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby Nabin » Wed May 18, 2011 10:11 pm

Project :- piyush heights

Tower:- H-Block

Project started:- in last moths of 2006

Originally booked:- in Jan,2007

scheduled delivery:- Oct 24, 2010

delivery dates committed by the builder from time to time:- Oct 24, 2010; Jan 2011, April 2011, June 2011, Aug 2011 ...

Penalty clause:- Rs. 5/- per sq. ft from (April 2011), effective after the lapse of 42months (including the six month grace period) from the date of signing of the builder buyer agreement.

project status:- Still waiting for the possession!

Other comments:- The builder has already demanded (and received) 85pc of the total cost of the flat almost two years back from those buyers like me who opted for construction link plan for the payment. After receiving almost the entire cost of the flat, the builder moved with the construction at snail's pace, almost halting the construction in our tower for almost two years.
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Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby neerajanapala » Wed May 18, 2011 10:39 pm

Dear All,

Pls find the details for Triveni Galaxy. The biggest concern with Triveni Galaxy is that work for almost 50% towers have not even started.

Project name – Triveni Galaxy
Project launch date (MMM-YYYY) - January 2007. I have entered into contract on may 2008.
Promised delivery period (MMM-YYYY) – January 2010. 36+6 months from date of contract.
Tentative/Expected Delivery (MMM-YYYY) – Not Sure, work is progressing at very slow pace.

what is the penality rate (x rs per sqft) – Rs.5/sqft.
Have you started to receive penality payments as promised in agreement (Y/N) – Not applicable as of now.

Please provide rate of Interest for delayed payment – 24%
Amount of Green Area Promised (% Green) – Not aware
Expected Amount of Green area in actual (%age) – Not aware

Did you requested for sanctioned layout from Builder (Y/N) - No
Did you received sanctioned layout from your builder (Y/N) - No

Is Super Area found to be changed at time of possession (Y/N along with +/- SQFT change) – Possession pending
In case of Possession received, Are appropriate approvals and NOC received (Y/N) – Not applicable

Specific Construction Quality/Safety Issues (You would lik eto bring attention)__________________
Previous meetings with Builder/STP /Authorities approached so far (preferably authority name/DD-MM-YYYY)

with regards
Neeraj Nagpal
Triveni Galaxy
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Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby nitinomaxe » Thu May 19, 2011 11:38 am

Hi Dheeraj,

I shall be attending the meeting! Is anyone plying from Gurgaon or M.G Road can arrange car pool for the venue?


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Urgent: Meeting has been pre poned toon 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby sendtomanish » Thu May 19, 2011 9:45 pm

Urgent: Meeting has been pre poned to 10 AM, just received e-mail from DTP

It is informed that the meeting to be held on 20-05-2011 at 11 AM has been preponed at 10 AM instead of 11 AM.

With Regards,

D.T.P. Faridabad.
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Please contact me at 9716240184 in case of issues - Dheeraj

Postby dheerajjain » Fri May 20, 2011 6:50 am

It is good that meeting has been preponed. Now, we don't have to take full day leave. We can manage with half day
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Re: Ozone Park Apts - Draft letter for meeting with DC & builder

Postby amit.bali » Fri May 20, 2011 11:56 am

Hi everyone,
Going forward this is the high time to talk to HUDA, DC ,SDM & builder about basic infrastructure because it is becoming difficult to understand when roads, electricity, water & very imp sewage work will start, As per my understanding we should have a meeting with all above said persons and discuss with them about the same because builder will not give possession till date this basic thing will be provided by HUDA,

As today also there is a meeting happened with DC but everybody is discussing about their own possession but no one is discussing about the basic problem in greater Faridabad
I Think we should call a meeting and educate all about our basic problem rather than running for our possession because it will only happen if HUDA gives basic amenities.
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Re: Ozone Park Apts - Draft letter for meeting with DC & builder

Postby vinitanandwani » Fri May 20, 2011 2:19 pm

Dear Amit.bali

For your kind information I want to tell you that We had a meeting not only with DC SDM etc but CM haryana also.I thnk u r not regular in the forum that why u r not ware about the outcomes of the meeting and current updates.Acquisition process is on the way,at it wil complete tender wil be given , then work will start parellely..Expect road construction from July end.
Taking possession is our right as builders are already late to the committed time and even not adjusting penalty . Asking for a possession from the builder and Development of infrastucture are two parellel work to be executed together.
Vinita Nandwani
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Re: Ozone Park Apts - Draft letter for meeting with DC & builder

Postby yadav_ajay » Fri May 20, 2011 2:58 pm

Hi Amit Bali,

You are right that without basic infrastructure, there is no meaning of possession...( I have the same feeling ), but we can't let the builder go free hand because of some other reason..

Builders are supposed to give possession as they committed....
If Builders completed their work and handover the projects, it will definitely put pressure on Govt agencies to complete their pending work.

If builders fulfill they commitment and carry fair practice...then we only need to fight with Govt for development…..While now we are fighting with two parties (Builders and Govt dept.)

Vinita ji, rightly said...we are not limited to SDM or DC...our voice already reached to CM ears also, and today meeting is the result of that united voice from Gr. Faridabad.

For your information, pls refer the Minutes of meeting with HUDA administrator on dt 2nd May'11...and as follow up of that meeting we already sent one reminder letter on him..
and hopefully we are going to meet him again in the first week of June to get the updates on the progress of development of Gr. FBD.

So rest assured that GFWA is not limited to some builders or builder related issues.

We at GFWA team with the help of you and all forum members are trying to solve both issues (builders and govt issues).

This post is not to hurt you or your feeling...we are assuring you to keep faith in us..and we are with you as a team to face any challenges for the development of Gr. FBD and to make that area as true "Modern Faridabad".

We just want support and guidance of peoples like you so that we can take correct path and can achieve our goals..


P.S :I would be posting today's minutes of Meeting by today evening or by tomorrow morning...

Ajay Yadav
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Re: Ozone Park Apts - Draft letter for meeting with DC & builder

Postby sendtomanish » Fri May 20, 2011 3:07 pm

Agreed with Ajay and Vinitajee,we have to fight on two front and at appropriate forum.For development HUDA administrator is right table and we had meeting with him in past and next meeting in June.
At the same time we cant give free hand to builder to do their malpractise,cheating etc to common man and
so today meeting was in this regards.
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Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby nikhil943 » Fri May 20, 2011 6:28 pm

I am so sorry, I was not able to come today. I request you to kindly update about the Joint meeting


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Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby yogesh » Fri May 20, 2011 8:47 pm

good job cheer up guys danik jagran writes ... 871_1.html
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Press Release for meeting

Postby dheerajjain » Fri May 20, 2011 10:24 pm

Below is media release for meeting, written by Mr. Ajay Yadav, GFWA Print Media Spokesperson

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good Day!

On the behalf of Greater Faridabad Welfare Association (GFWA),

I would like to update you about our meeting with DC- Dr Praveen Kumar and Various builder, DTP Faridabad held on 20th May’11 (today) at Conference Hall, Mini Secretariat, Sector 12, Faridabad

Pls find below Minutes of Meeting:

(Media Article)

Meeting was chaired by Dr. Praveen Kumar and attended Mr. Sanjeev Maan (DTP- Faridabad), Mr Davender Pal (DTP Enforcement) and XEN- HUDA from Govt side.

Around 70 members were present from various societies from Greater Faridabad region to put their grievances to Hon’able DC.

As DTP issued meeting call notice to 13 builders, but only 6 builders (BPTP, KLJ, RPS, Shiv Sai, Piyush and Omaxe )came to attend this meeting.

Taking this as dishonoring the orders, DC- Dr Praveen Kumar instructed Mr Sanjeev Maan (DTP) to send notice to all absent builders for ignoring orders.

SRS, PAL, Triveni, Puri, SPR, ERA and Uppal builders are among those who have skipped this meeting and not honored to DTP call.

During discussion various issues were taken up and DC –Dr. Praveen Kumar carefully listened all issues.

Here are some Major Points of discussion:-

- Delay in Possession

- Not honoring delay Penalty

- Sale of common area

- Handing oven Possession without Govt approvals

- Forcefully asking buyers to sign “Undertakings”

- Not giving physical possession to customers despite that customers paid their 100% full and final amount.

(some cases examples attached herewith for your reference)

On the above issues (as these were common issues from all home buyers against all builders) ;

DC –Dr Praveen Kumar Instructed that :-

- All Builders to give possession at the earliest and to follow their commitment to home buyers.

- All builders should Honor penalty clause as per the agreement with bank interest.

- All Builders will Provide the Layout Plan, building Plan, Maps approval and other relevant documents to Customers as per Town and Country Planning Public Notice.

If any builder not following this, then DC office will take action against those builders.

- Interest to be paid by builder to customer on extra charges which builder collected from home buyers.

- Committee to be formed under the chairmanship of ADC (Additional Deputy Commissioner) to enquire and look after the customer complaints of all builders and this committee will check the quality of construction, enquire about the reason of delay of construction and Video graphing to be done during their audit as evidence. Based on Committee report and findings, DC office will take action against the builders.

- Immediate action and notice ordered for SRS and Piyush group as their complaints were more severe as builders are violating law and causing harassment to customers.

- No Customer will sign any undertaking by forcefully from builders and is any such case, same to be reported to DC office. As he said-no one is above law.

- For cheating and misleading to homebuyers for unilateral changing and selling the green/common area(e.g.RPS,Piyush,SRS etc) after selling project by builders, DC ordered to DTP to verify facts with original approved map and submit report. Once found true ,DC will himself initiate FIR against those builders.

DC also instructed XEN-HUDA to prepare: Requirements, details action plan with deadline to complete the development work in the area of the Greater Faridabad and asked him to submit all details within one week time.

DC assured all home buyers that Govt. will not tolerate any violation of Law either by builders or by anybody. If someone found guilty in such cases, strong action will be taken against those.

At last, he said that he himself will monitor these complaints and DTP will submit reports to him on all complaints within a week time.

He also assured that if number of complaints are more, then he will call one by one all builders and will fix up meeting twice in a week to resolve the issues at the earliest.

Also, all builders are given one week time to revert back on the complaints by customers.

GFWA team extended their thanks to him for conducting such a detail meeting and giving his valuable time, cooperation and his commitment for the solution of builder related issues.

Now, GFWA team, feels some hope in district administration and hoping that with the help of district administration these issue will resolve at the earliest and we will get our dream homes very soon.

From GFWA team : Mr Jayanta, Narendera Chhabra, Dheeraj Jain, Ajay Yadav, Manish Gupta, A.K. Gaur , Vineet Mishra, Mrs Vinita Nandwani, and Dharmendra Kumar attended this meeting

In case, of any further information required, pls revert back to me.

Also, We would be giving regular follow up of this meeting.
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Re: URGENT: Joint meeting of Greater Faridabad Builders and GFWA Members on 20th May,11 Friday 11 AM

Postby webmaster » Sat May 21, 2011 1:47 am

It was a good meeting, thanks to the effort of the core members for following up and organizing this meeting with the DC.

Some pictures of the event.
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