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20-Jun-11: Minutes of Meeting with Administrator, HUDA and DTP, Mr. Sanjeev Mann

Postby dheerajjain » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:33 pm

Courtesy - Mr. Ashish Kaul. Ashish Kaul, our dynamic and vibrant GFWA member met with Administrator, HUDA and DTP, Sanjeev Mann today. Here is quoted update

The points of dicussion with Mr Srinivas...
1. survey report and the DPR plus the slow work going on in the name of development of the entire region called NEHARPAR....the reply for all above was once the report is completed he would be in the position of giving us a true and correct status and tiem frame...till the time it is not there he would be in no position to discuss the matter better still give any thing on record.....I hope we all understand where this coming from....only a PIL in this regard will set the ball rolling .

There after I went to the DC office and found out that the DC has given charge to the ADC before leaving for training for X no. of days.

Then I went back to the DTP and on opening the door was pleasantly surprized to see MR Mann sitting behing the I approached him I told him That it seems I have gained twice as much blood just by seeing you back in office and we all at GFWA were praying to see you back...he was happy to hear this and immediately ordered tea....I spent about 45 min with him and touched all subjects that Jaya has already refered too...I have brought with me a copy of the letter that the office of the DTP has forwarded to the PAl group and has also sent to the adress in sec-45 faridabad...the address goes like this xxxxxxxxxxxx Mr Mann categorically stated that he had FORWARDED EACH AND EVERY COMPLAINT THAT THE HAD RECIEVED BEFORE THE DAY OF HIS TRANSFER....THE REST WHICH CAME LATER HE WOULD NEED ATLEAST TWO DAYS TIME TO SEE ABOUT THEM.
Then on the issue of no further meetings with the builder , he apprised me that the DC has given charge to the ADC and that we should meet the ADC and ask her to take the matter up from where the DC left...according to MR MAnn the ADC is as supportive and forthcoming as the she would 100% help....
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