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Re: Wake up call for Haryana Administration – Protest Rally 13th Nov 2011

Postby webmaster » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:52 pm

The videos of the protest day and rally have been updated on the first post and also on the homepage.
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Re: Wake up call for Haryana Administration – Protest Rally 13th Nov 2011

Postby BlessU » Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:24 pm


The extent of dissatisfaction is also sometimes considered as the measure of progressiveness of a person or organisation..

It appears that after a bunch of successful tenders and implementation including Metro, sewerage, lighting, master roads tender and court order for repealing retrospective interest on Enhanced EDC, we need to get out of comfort zone and push the movement to the next level.

There is not need to feel satisfied as govt has again played in favour of builders by providing them another window of 15 months through a notification available on DTCP website and being reproduced here for your information and careful analysis ... 10WUk/edit


Very clearly, it is important that we gather together once again and ensure the continuity in development activity by govt is also complemented by delivery with proper internal infrastructure by builders in Neharpar..

Dissatisfaction is very clearly reflected by various comments on the link which was started to support the Nov 13 protest ... upuqQ/edit

I am reproducing some really hurt voices of 100s of homeseekers who have at least commented in support of the movement to bring homeseekers dissatisfied with non delivery by builders together...once again..
A few breath of pained sentiments which should cause dissatisfaction in all meek and helpless homeseekers for your perusal.

Why worst experience always happen while dealing with HUDA?... other states are way ahead!

Instead of providing timely possession, BPTP asking for additional charges:
1. Revised Enhanced External Development charges as communicated by the Government of Haryana (asking for additional 130% of agreed EDC).
2. Electric Sub-Station, Sewerage Treatment Plant charges (asking for additional 15-20% of agreed plot cost)
3. Fake Maintenance charges (additional 2% of agreed plot cost)

Why should I pay additional 45% of agreed value for my plot that I purchased 5 years back?
If no development has happened in last 5 years, then what Enhanced EDC is for?
Haryana government needs to improve and work now… I would not like to share my hard-earned money with such government!

Shame on HUDA if they cannot revert these charges.

Thanks "dncy"

Another voice

Sanjeev Goel 12:35 Yesterday
"bptp murdabad!"


Tripta Sharma 16:44 2 Apr
I fully agree with the observation that at the root of our problems in neharpar is the nexus of corrupt politicians, babus and the builders.We are surrounded by these cannibals who are hell bent upon eating their own brothers/sisters.The only solution lies in staying united and threaten them with legal,electoral and social losses.Best wishes to all of us.
anilksharma1997 07:00 11 Mar
i made a blunder of my life when i decided to book a flat in ozone park in 2007 .even after al most five years i am not even aware when i would get my dream home .i have been bleeding through nose by paying a monthly rent of Rs 15 k along with intrest to bank which is almost 30k per month .
Koushik Ghosh 06:26 9 Mar
hi people hope all of you had a fabulous festival of colour which brought in all the seven colours of the proverbial rainbow into your hearts. Let us stand united for Greater Faridabad with renewed vigour.

Its high time another protest along with Lokayukt action against corrupt government officials be started to reign in Heartless Lalas and builders..
I would like to impress once again that LOKAYUKT is cost effective, multipronged and fastest way of ensuring that builders adhere to the licensing conditions and start delivering..

Further delays in delivery
Non completion of projects
Increase in cost due to unethical, unfair and unjustified charges by builders
Charging of interest on EEDC amount by builders due to delay in Court decision on EEDC rollback
Keep paying rent as well as EMI
Super structure already built will deteriorate due to non delivery
Get possession offer without proper roads, sewerage, water, streetlights, parks, community buildings etc.
Keep getting threatening letters from builders to pay or face cancellation of allotment due to one sided BBAgreement
Get improperly constructed units as being experienced by some Omaxe height purchasers.
and many more unfair practices by builders where the consumer is at the receiving end..

Hope that makes sense.

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