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Police Reforms, failure Of Faridabad Administration To check Builder Crimes

Postby BlessU » Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:48 pm


Dear All BPTP Parklands Owners


The Police in Haryana is following the largesse of the British Rule, wherein the POLICE was focused on protecting the interest of the ESTABLISHMENT. The Antiquated legislation of 1861 is still being exploited to the hilt. Police therefore does not find it accountable to upholding rule of law and the constitution of the country. Protecting the common man from harassment, extortion, torture, high-handedness of builders, is therefore not on the priority of the police.

Even for heinous criminal acts of omission and commission committed by builders, the JT CP, CP, SSP FARIDABAD casually suggest to go through the civil route or consumer courts. THIS IS BAD AT LAW AND POOR ADMINISTRATION AND A PROOF THAT POLICE IS TO PROTECT THE INTEREST OF THE ruling political parties, builders and corrupt bureaucrats, all working in co-hoots for private profits.

A few recent events related to police in Faridabad, that ALLEGEDLY show absolute lack of concern for ordinary salary earner, seeking a home to live with dignity.
- ERA Buyers have been shortchanged as no FIR is being allowed by Police. Era has no LEGAL permission to Take Money from People, Construct on BPTP license. Nor does Era have a legally enforceable registered GPA, which gives it any power to conduct business in the manner on BPTPs behalf.
- TRIVENI buyers have sought FIR response from Police wherein 51 FIR against TRIVENI since 2005 and ALL THROUGH COURT u/s 156(3). Still incomplete investigations and closure of FIRs without penalising the culprit through proper chargesheets in accordance with established law and tenets of the constitution.
- Piyush buyers had to launch a massive protest against administration, despite caution to builder from court against earlier illegalities and unfair practices.
- SRS building collapse Magisterial INQUIRY ordered through court has not moved even an inch with respect to Investigations or actionable chargesheet by police against errant builder.
- BPTP Grandeura RWA struggling with deficient service, construction of unapproved FAR, Welding of Gate without consent of RWA etc.

No individual complaints against builders for alleged cheating, extortion, threats to buyers, are entertained at faridabad police station.

I wish all the buyers and investors in Greater Faridabad Sectors and other associated RWAs to send an email in confirmation of support to &
Please find enclosed an APPEAL for supporting activities initiated by Mr Prakash Singh, Retd DG of Police ... RmVDg/edit

Please pass this to all Associations and like minded people and let us get at least 1000 confirmation of support through this effort.

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Senior Member
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Re: Police Reforms And failure of Administration in Faridabad

Postby BlessU » Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:20 am


I have received enclosed response and wish the opportunity in pushing police reforms be taken up in the right earnest.

A memorandum to the Chief Minister through a rightful forum will only build the positive pressure.

Request the wc gfwa to launch this signature campaign ... an_Police/

through our website.

All GFWA members be urged to sign their support for the petition.

Please take some time to go through and check the judgement which can be used for all struggling to seek justice from and through police.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Prakash Singh <prakash1959>
Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 8:45 AM
To: groovi.bhoovi


We shall be observing September 22 as Police Reforms Day this year also.

A detailed program has been worked out. Some of its salient features will be:

i) A small public meeting in the Delhi University Campus

ii) SMS campaign

iii) Interactive Website, which is being designed

iv) Distribution of Handbills/Posters/Stickers

v) Special program on TV

vi) Articles on Police Reforms in newspapers

vii) Rallies in State capitals

viii) Memoranda to State Chief Ministers

ix) AVAAZ campaign

The programme will be spread out from Sep 20 to 30.

You may like to visit the website <>

You may like to sign the AVAAZ petition at : ... an_Police/

The following Ten Points would be the highlights of Police Reforms agenda:

1. What we have today is ‘Rulers Police’. It must metamorphose into ‘People’s Police’.

2. The executive stranglehold over the police must go. The police should have freedom to act as per the law of the land.

3. Upholding the Rule of Law should be the supreme objective of the police.

4. Registration of cases must improve. Assessment of crime situation should not be based on statistical figures.

5. Police behaviour towards the common man should be marked by empathy and respect for human rights.

6. Police must extend appropriate legal protection to the weaker sections of society, especially the scheduled castes/tribes, women and the minorities.

7. Police infrastructure – manpower, transport, communications, and forensic support – must improve very substantially. Housing of the subordinate ranks must receive special attention.

8. Any police officer, whether starting as a Constable, Sub-Inspector or DySP should be able to earn at least three promotions in his service career.

9. A policeman should not be on duty for more than twelve hours, which may in due course be brought down to eight hours.

10. Supreme Court’s orders on police reforms must be implemented. Acts legislated by state governments should conform to Court’s directions in letter and spirit.

Please extend your support to the movement as best as you can. India must have a better police, a police sensitive to the problems and aspirations of the people and capable of dealing with the formidable emerging challenges of law enforcement.

Prakash Singh
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Senior Member
Posts: 237
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Re: Police Reforms, failure Of Faridabad Administration To check Builder Crimes

Postby naveenarichwal » Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:24 am

Police condition was well depicted by the Senior IPS officer wiping the shoes of Mayawati, Police does whatever the Politicians want them to do.

The Haryana govt. is working for the Fake Gandhi family. To fill the coffers of Wadra. Loot common man. Plunder the economy of this country.

Why will the Criminalized political system give more power to the Police and judiciary system. They would do whatever it takes to wreck the police and Judiciary system.
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