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Submit your complaints for RPS Savana related issues.

Postby sanjeev2111 » Wed May 25, 2011 5:00 pm

Hi All RPS Savana Members,

Many of you have read our posts on meeting with DC Mr. Praveen Kumar and DTP head Mr. Sanjeev Mann on 20th May 2011 and next course of actions to be persuaded in future. In our last meeting on 20th May 2011, we saw very less number of RPS Savana member’s participation may be due to this being a regular working day, but we need to convince ourselves that unless we do some effort to put pressure on RPS and HUDA, we will not have out Apartments ready soon.

And by saying this I mean we all have to wake up from our attitude of ignorance like – “Builder is big person and what we small end user or investor can do” or “Why should I when everyone else is doing”.
We need do lot of things to get our apartments for which we have paid out hard earned money. One such thing to start with is to submit our written complaint against the malpractices of RPS management.

Please refer to the link below to know how to submit our complaints and ground rules to be followed while submitting.
Here are some details from the above link.

DTP Mr. Sanjeev Mann contacted GFWA representative today to streamline process of submitting complaints as his office has received many complaints. After a joint discussuion, following consensus was reached:

1. Complaints should come ONLY on GFWA letterhead signed by GFWA representative.
2. Only one complaint on one paper is allowed supported with documentary proof. (that had been posted, but still people are making mistakes)
3. Common complaint for a particular residential project will be merged into one with the supportive references of buyers.
4. One copy of issue will be maintained by GFWA for the record
5. All future correspondence regarding the complaint will be done with GFWA as they will get the replies from DTP-FBD
6. One can handover the complaints to the following representatives either through post on forum, by hand or through speed post with all supportive documents within 2 days.

Please find below your GFWA representatives for submitting complaints:

S.No. | Name of Project | Name | MyFBD ID | E-mail address

1 Piyush Heights: Dheeraj Jain (dheerajjain)
2 RPS Savana: Seema Joshi (s1joshi) , Sanjeev (sanjeev2111)
3 SRS: Manish (sendtomanish)
4 Ozone Park: Puneet Bhatia (puneet112)
5 Uppal Jade: Ajay Yadav (yadav_ajay)
6 Omaxe Heights: Vinita (vinitanandwani)
7 BPTP Princess Park : Saurabh Jain
8. BPTP Other Projects : ???? (Please select)
8 Era : Aashish Kaul (aashkaul12)
9. Dhingra Jardine: Mr. A.K.Gaur (ingoz)
10. KLJ : ??? (Please select)
11. Puri : ??? (Please select)
12. SPR : ??? (Please select)
13. Triveni : ??? (Please select)
14. Pal : ??? (Please select)

RPS Savana members can contact me or Seema Joshi (details given above) for all you issues or complaints related to RPS Savana.

Mob - 9560173337
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GFWA Member
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Re: Submit your complaints for RPS Savana related issues.

Postby Ravi_Shekhar » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:25 pm

Sanjeev and othe RPS folks:

While browsing the RPS Savana website, just realized that RPS has made significant changes to the Master Layout impacting the overall Green / Open Space. Not sure whether forum is aware of this or not but thought to bring this to your notice.

I have dropped a mail to RPS team, however not expecting response from them on these matters. Can we do something or take it forward with RPS team…

Not able to attache pictures but highlighting the changes:
1. Main Gate / Entrance: Theme Park Space converted to School and Dispensary
2. Club Area: Play Ground and Badminton Courts converted to Nursery School and Creche
3. Back Side (North East): Park Space converted to Primary School
4. Back Side (South East): Parking/Open Space converted to Nursery School

Ravi Shekhar
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GFWA Member
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Re: Submit your complaints for RPS Savana related issues.

Postby anuj_bansal » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:35 pm

This is a known fact to most of the RPS Savana people for at least last 1.5 years, though the actual modification done by RPS was around late 2007 and they have clearly told that they can do anything citing the junk Builder Buyer Agreement.


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Re: Submit your complaints for RPS Savana related issues.

Postby cujatin » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:22 pm

Dear Sanjeev and other RPS Members,

how the General Body meeting went yesterday.

Is some one is preparing updates of minutes of meeting.

I am waiting eagarly for the same.


Jatinder Kumar
T4 108
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