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Faridabad Communities - Connect with various online groups and forums in and around faridabad, build your own community, a chance to explore and know your neighbours!

rps_savana_bannerRPS Savana - One of the largest upcoming residential project in greater Faridabad, RPS Savana promises to be a world class society which is nearing completion. Located at Sector-88 Naharpar, RPS Savana is spread over 50 acres of lush green land with housing capability of over 2000 families. Connect and meet Savana owners online at the Savana Forum and participate in discussions.

Please note that this is a personal forum for the prospective residents of RPS Savana and is not affiliated/sponsored/represented by RPS Infrastructure Ltd. 

Piyush Heights

Piyush Heights - This group belongs to future residents of the apartments in Piyush Heights in Sector 89, Faridabad (Haryana, India). This has been created for members to share their experiences, queries, information etc. This group is a forum to meet your future neighbors and establish life long relationships with them.

Piyush Heights situated at Sector-89 Naharpar, join Piyush Heights community by contacting group owner at and join the discussions at the Piyush forum.

SRS Residency Community PortalSRS Residency - Situated at Sector 88, SRS Residency by SRS Real Estate Group is one of the first residential project nearing completion. SRS Residency, Sector 88, Greater Faridabad is a group housing project consisting of 1008 residential units in two and three bedroom options, spread across 15.061 acres in the plush new sectors of Faridabad. The residential complex is situated next to the proposed SRS University and SRS Commercial Complex. All three campuses put together encompass 45 acres.

Connect and meet with residents and members of SRS Residency at the SRS Forum

Please note that this is a personal forum for the prospective residents of SRS Residency and is not affiliated/sponsored/represented by SRS Group.

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Myfaridabad - your window to the world! A community portal for all residents of Faridabad to express and voice their opinions, share constructive feedback, news and updates about Faridabad and Greater Faridabad. is an offshoot of the RPS Savana online community which was formed in 2009 for the members of the RPS City, Sector 88, Naharpar, Greater Faridabad. Since 2009, the online community has been steadily growing and we decided to create a bigger platform to encompass all the residential communities in Greater Faridabad for a common cause.

Here we do not have any experts, but we rely on each other to share our experiences and contribute to the community. This is an open forum where you will find unbiased views and opinions from the members to give you an unprejudiced perspective.

We intend to build a strong and working community to enable us to build a better society, create a world class city and make Faridabad a better place to live. We would be focusing on the development of Greater Faridabad and us as a community will be instrumental in the change and progress of Greater Faridabad. Join us in this journey forward and help us create a better environment.

Help us to help you grow.




Neharpar,  Greater Faridabad - the land of the hopefuls, has been hailed and promoted as the next hot destination in NCR by real estate gurus, builders, authorities and media, promised as the biggest and largest upcoming residential colony in the NCR region after Gurgaon and Noida. After this virgin tract of land was discovered and authorized for residential population in the last decade, there has been frenzied and rampant construction of high rise apartments and residential colonies by real estate builders, luring and enticing customers/ investors with significantly lower prices than other competing and upcoming regions, promising an upscale and higher standard of living and plush societies with substantially lower cost of living. This has been further fuelled by reports in media praising Neharpar as a great potential, a rising star in real estate.

With high hopes and aspirations to own an affordable home in the NCR region, thousands of middle class end-users and investors invested in the area, putting in all their life’s hard earned money, a common man already overburdened with high interest rates and increasing inflation, but brave enough to dream and aspire to have his own home.

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With the inception of our community, we are slowly and steadily trying to build a one-stop platform for all our residential owners in Greater Faridabad to reach a common goal and work towards the development of the area which will impact all of us.

Our members have been trying to put every bit of effort, no matter how insignificant it may seem at this moment, to work together for a common cause which will be fruitful in the long run. We want everyone to spread awareness about this community, to spread the word about the collective effort being put together for a noble cause and to showcase to the community that this forum is dedicated towards a selfless objective and to encourage more people join us to make the community stronger. There might be numerous small communities scattered across the city who share the same objective as our forum, however might not have the right platform to reach out or connect to people on a larger scale. We would need to search and reach out to those small communities and individuals and make them aware about the existence of this community. We would also not want anyone to take the credit away from our community for the efforts being done.

With the increased penetration of internet and particularly social networking sites across the globe, we would need to take advantage of this medium to extend our reach and create better visibility and enhance the popularity of the website. We are now on Facebook and Twitter to enable our members to interact and spread messages quickly and effectively. Join us today on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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6 Sep, 2010 Hindustan Times by Prabhu Razdan

Investors in Greater FARIDABAD: Investors in Greater Faridabad have threatened to take to the streets, protesting what they allege are inordinate delays in providing basic infrastructure in the area.
Meanwhile, the hunger strike by farmers continued for the seventh straight day on Sunday. Farmers in Faridabad are on hunger strike since August 30, demanding more compensation for their land, to be acquired for development of Greater Faridabad.

Some of the investors in the Nehar Par area -betterknown as Greater Faridabad -have decided to launch an agitation against Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) authorities for inordinate delays in the development of Greater Faridabad. Some investors working with different private concerns had visited the Hindustan Times office in Faridabad on Saturday, expressing concern at the delay in development of Nehar Par. The group had earlier held a meeting in Delhi and decided to launch an agitation against HUDA for not laying roads and sewer lines in Greater Faridabad.

“We hold HUDA responsible for the mess in Greater Faridabad,“ said Jayanta, member of an online group of real-estate owners in Greater Faridabad.

“We have invested our hard earned money in Nehar Par area for owing a house to live in. However, this now seems like a distant dream in the absence of the basic infrastructure in the area,“ Jayanta, under whose chairmanship the meeting was held on Saturday, told Hindustan Times.

“So we have decided to hold a protest demonstration outside the HUDA office in Faridabad, for inordinate delays in providing basic infrastructure facilities in Greater Faridabad very soon,“ Jayanta added. “Due to lack of even basic infrastructure facilities like roads, water, sewerage system, no progress is taking place in the Nehar Par area,“ Dheeraj Jain, member of Greater Faridabad Residents Association said.

“This is an area in which scores of people have invested their hard-earned money,“ Jain added. Jain was part of the delegation that visited the Hindustan Times office in Faridabad.

Meanwhile, farmers from the area continued their hunger strike on Sunday.

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Land dispute stalls Faridabad development


Prabhu Razdan, Hindustan Times Faridabad,

August 18, 2010

First Published: 00:53 IST(18/8/2010)

The development work in Greater Faridabad is likely start after August 29, senior officials have said.

"The issue of compensation to farmers is expected to be resolved by August 29 after which we may start acquiring the land," said Arvind Malhan, estates officer of Haryana Urban Development Authority, Faridabad.

Though Haryana Urban Development Authority created new sectors in the Neharpar area, lack of land for laying of roads and sewer lines had hampered development in the area despite many high-rises coming up there. Haryana Urban Development Authority officials said they require about 1,068 acres for laying of roads in newly carved 75 to 89 sectors in Greater Faridabad.

The land was to be acquired in the villages such as Kherikalla, Batola, Chotikheri, Faridpur, Fajupur, Neemka, Mirzapur, Badoli, Prehladpur, Budena, Baselva, Badshahpur, Rewajpur, Tikawli, Palwali and Bhupani.
However, in April, 19 villages protested against state government's decision to acquire their land.

The villagers said the compensation offered was very less. Satpal Narwat, convenor of Kissan Sangarsh Samiti, said they were being offered R 24 lakh per acre where as the circle rate was much higher. "Our protests forced the state government to look into the compensation issue afresh," Narwat said.

"Senior Haryana Urban Development Authority officials visited some of thevillages on Tuesday for survey," Narwat said.
The villagers had also approached Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda in this connection. 


Hindustan Times, 2nd May 2009

The Naharpar area of Faridabad, also known as Greater Faridabad, is going to be a premium zone for Haryana once the infrastructure is put in place.
SYED AMIR ALI HASHMI goes exploring

One area that has been in the news of late is the Naharpar area or Greater Faridabad — much like New Gurgaon or Greater Noida. The one reason, according to brokers, that’s leading to the development of the area is the land crunch and high property prices in other NCR areas. Also — though a number of infrastructure plans have been chalked out but not implemented — the Naharpar area still offers very affordable prices.

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