After water pits, MCG wants check dams at Aravalis

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GURGAON: The MCG commissioner, on Thursday, ordered the construction of check dams in Ghata, a day after a proposal to build rainwater harvesting structures in the Aravalis was tabled. He said the check dams would be useful in water conservation.

Praveen Kumar, along with a team of senior MCG officials, visited the hilly terrain to inspect ongoing works. Three check dams are already in place and more than 50 pits have been dug up to help recharge groundwater. “We are taking all these measures to conserve rainwater so that the problem of rapidly depleting groundwater level can be addressed. These check dams will help in slowing down the flow of water and recharging groundwater. I am sure the efforts being taken by us will help improve the water situation in Gurgaon,” said Kumar.

However, environmental activists are skeptical about the approach. They said artificial structures could have been avoided if the government was more proactive in saving natural lakes. “There used to be a huge lake in Ghata and it used to help recharge groundwater. But now private builders have taken over the area and rampant construction is destroying natural water bodies. These measures being taken the MCG would not have been required had all efforts been made to save this lake earlier. We will have to wait and see how effective these measures will be in helping conserve rainwater,” said activist Chetan Agarwal.

Earlier in the day, while holding a meet with the engineering department officials, the commissioner had directed them to ensure that the two lakh saplings being planted in the Aravalis are protected.

He also told the officials to survey the area that comes under their jurisdiction and make a list of places which require rainwater harvesting pits .


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