Discom to submit report to HC about builder colony infrastructure

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GURGAON: Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) has prepared a detailed report about pending power infrastructure in the city’s colonies developed by builders. The report will be submitted on January 21 to the Punjab and Haryana high court that will be hearing a case related to power infrastructure in the state’s residential colonies. As per the provision of licensed colonies, builders should set up grid sub-stations in their colonies as per the load of the colony but little has been done in Gurgaon.

The DHBVN had earlier given notices to sixteen builders who have not developed power infrastructure in the colonies located between Sectors 1 to 58 in Gurgaon. “Sixteen builders were given notices to seek details of pending power infrastructure and the replies have been incorporated separately in the report that will be submitted to the court,” said a senior DHBVN official. The report has the detail of the builder, its projects, the power infrastructure status and the money required to build such infrastructure

According to the DHBVN, the builders would require hundreds of crores of rupees to develop the infrastructure as per the specifications and demands of their colonies. Explaining the load and sub-station parameter, another DHBVN official said that the load between 15 MVA to 75 MVA requires a 66 KVA substation while that above 75 MVA requires a 220 KVA substation. In addition to this, the matching electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure commensurate with load requirements have also got to be developed by the builders in the colonies.

In new colonies, the DHBVN has now stopped giving new connections in the builder’s area due to the non-fulfillment of the latter’s commitments. Residents are keenly following the court case because its outcome would overhaul the entire system of power infrastructure in Gurgaon and other areas.

A resident of Mayfield Gardens, Commandar (Retd) Dharamvir Yadav, said: “In the present scenario, the legal fight is between the builders and the discom but thousands of house owners are the real sufferers because they are being denied proper power facilities.”

In many colonies, Yadav said, the discom has refused new connections to house owners. “Developers have sold plots and dwelling units without ensuring adequate electrical infrastructure in their colonies and have failed to comply with provisions of the Electricity Act 2003. The house owners discover that sufficient electrical infrastructure has not been provided by the developers,” he said.



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