HUDA, DTCP seek more time on waste plant

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GURGAON: Despite the fact that most of construction waste is being generated in the areas governed by HUDA and the department of town and country planning (DTCP), the two agencies have missed the National Green Tribunal deadline to submit a plan to dispose and process it.

Both HUDA and DTCP have sought two more weeks from the green court. The MCG has already washed its hands off in this problem claiming that there isn’t much construction taking place in its jurisdiction.

Even the HUDA has time and again tried to pass the buck on this issue. “It is a misconception that construction and demolition waste gets generated only during new construction. The fact is that this waste gets generated when people renovate their houses. And most renovation work takes place old city, which is governed by MCG. We can help MCG is setting up waste treatment facility, but they can’t run away from their responsibility,” said a senior HUDA official.

Another official said the Municipal Corporation Act clearly specifies that setting up a slaughterhouse, solid waste and construction waste plant is responsibility of a municipality.


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