Kendriya Vihar Apartment Owners Welfare Association keeps cash position intact

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GURGAON: Amidst insignificant opposition, Kendriya Vihar Apartment Owners Welfare Association, managed to pass its new bye-laws in accordance with the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act (HRRS Act) at its general body meeting on Sunday.

The new bye-laws are meant to be passed by all residential societies in Haryana as per the new state rules prescribed by the HRRS Act, 2012. Kendriya Vihar is one of the oldest and largest societies of Gurgaon with almost 2,000 families living there.

Among several issues discussed at the meeting, a major one related to keeping transfer fees at the existing rate of 1.5 per cent which goes straight to the society’s coffers. To keep money coming in, Abhey Raj Singh, the RWA president said, “We have only Rs 6 crore in our corpus whereas another society of Sector 56 – Jalvayu Towers – has over Rs 10 crore. So, we don’t want to pass a rule which will stop this cash inflow.”

“If we remove the clause of 1.5 per cent, then where will we get the money for the society’s development such as cleanliness, security and maintenance?” he argued.

If an individual buys a house in the society for Rs 1 crore, he is asked to cough up Rs 1.5 lakh , to be deposited into the society’s account for miscellaneous expenses.

The previous meeting held in December had failed to draw a minimum participation of 40 per cent of the total number of members. As per the rules, the second meeting requires only a minimum of 25 per cent of participation. But the meeting held on Sunday had just over 100 members while the required number was 367 in a society with 1,940 dwelling units. The house was adjourned as a result – but this time only for half an hour – to hold the meeting a third time as the minimum number required was 15 per cent. As the luck had it, the available number of members was less than even 15 per cent of the total number of members.

To overcome this problem, the RWA office had procured the written permission from over 250 members which met the shortfall in the number. Only five present members wanted the existing rule to be changed, so the bye law stood passed with an overwhelming majority.


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