MCG chief directs debris clean-up

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GURGAON: MCG commissioner Praveen Kumar has directed sanitation contractors to clear all construction and demolition waste lying around the city immediately. In a meeting held on Wednesday, Kumar said that once the waste is cleared, a fine of Rs 25,000 will be imposed on anyone found dumping construction and demolition waste in the city.

Sanitation contractors have been asked to collect and dump the waste in any of the four transit sites that have been indentified for this purpose, at Choma, Gadoli Kalan, Mullahera and Kherki Majra villages. Dumping at these sites will continue till the time a construction and demolition waste processing plant is set up in the city.

“This is only a temporary arrangement and will continue till we manage to set up a plant,” said an official.

“There is debris lying around the city due to the enormous amount of construction taking place. Also, people undertake renovation work on a regular basis and fining them at the moment is difficult since we cannot identify them. However once the city is cleaned up we can get to know if somebody has thrown anywhere,” he added

Earlier in the day, some sanitation workers who were not getting paid by their employers staged a protest outside the MCG office, forcing the commissioner to intervene.

“There are nine different sanitation contractors that work for us and together they employ around 1500 workers. Some of them were giving salaries on time to their workers. The commissioner has directed them to pay each employee Rs 8100 per month, as decided by the state government, and also video-record the payment being made. Eventually, the MCG will start transferring this amount directly to the bank accounts of these employees,” said the official.


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