Realtors want control of more Gurgaon roads, write to MCG

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GURGAON: Real estate developers have urged the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon to hand them control of roads that connect city areas to villages, eyeing a revenue windfall as the urban sprawl expands. There are hundreds of revenue roads, as the streets in gentrified areas are known, across Gurgaon as villages surround the cityís urban boom. The civic body has so far received 35 applications from several builders and isnít averse to the idea of a handover, which will entrust private developers with the responsibility of maintaining civic infrastructure on the revenue roads.

The reason why builders want the MCG to transfer control of revenue roads to them is the subsequent increase in FAR (floor area ratio) that they can bring about while building more properties.

The MCG isnít unenthusiastic about the proposals because the transfers will bring crores into its coffers. The only dilemma now, it appears, is the price for which these roads can be sold to builders. An official with the civic body said a committee, comprising senior district administration officials, has been set up to determine the price. ďThere are many revenue roads both in old and new Gurgaon and realtors have built properties on both sides of these roads. Since the roads still belong to MCG, they are not able to increase FAR. They are willing to pay the prevailing market price for the handover. As it cannot benefit from these roads any way, MCG too it is willing to transfer ownership to earn revenue,Ē a senior MCG official said.


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