The land my mother purchased was not unlawful: Huda Administrator

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A day after charges leveled against his mother in fraudulent land deal in Faridabad, Praveen Kumar, Administrator Huda, Gurgaon, has said that there is no question of anything wrong with the deal.

Kumar said that his mother who was independent of him and living with his father who already was a class one Haryana government official is clean and the deal is crystal clear and neither his mother is relative of Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, as charges leveled by Ashok Khemka in a letter to Haryana chief secretary PK Chaudhary recently.

“My mother Krishan Kanta purchased about 2 acres of land that was in the name of individual owners not the panchayat land. And purchasing land from individual owners with all government formalities is not wrong or part of corrupt deal,” added Kumar.

He said that the word ‘misappropriation’ used by Khemka is out of context and must be understood wrong and misfit here. Khemka cited that the chunk of 734 acres of panchayat land in village Ankhir of Faridabad district were inappropriately distributed by all influential people and close relatives of Haryana CM, including Kumar’s mother Krishna Kanta.

Kumar contradicted this fact saying that the chunk of land in question was partitioned in the name of individual owners as per the law and under the supervision of the then assistant collector, Faridabad.

Kumar also refuted charge of Khemka that his mother is relative of Haryana chief minister.

“My mother belongs to Sanghi village that of course is village of Haryana CM also. But my mother is not relative of the Haryana CM at all and the charges leveled against her is baseless and without verifications,” said Kumar, a day after a detail report published in all dailies on August 12.


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