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GURGAON: The constant digging by various agencies for various purposes is set to end on Golf Course Road, as dedicated ducts have been created for sewage, water, electric wires, gas pipeline and cables.

Also, the overhead high-tension wires dangling dangerously will also be a thing of past. The work on the shifting the 11KV and 66KV pylons is currently on on this 10km stretch and so is the process to lay sewer pipelines.

The authorities hope that this will take care of the waterlogging problem that takes place every monsoon in this area. “Sewage is a major problem here and water gets clogged here every time it rains. Apart from these utility ducts, we are also making storm water drains that will solve this pertinent problem once and for all,” said a DLF spokesperson.

Also, there is constant road digging by various agencies to lay utilities. “This will now end, as we have laid dedicated ducts for various purposes. Also, we have laid two additional electricity ducts so that load can be transferred to ensure no power failure. The system ensures immediate switching over of load to these additional lines in case of failure,” the spokesperson added.

For maintenance of these dedicated ducts, manholes have made at every 75m. The additional ducts will also ensure easy maintenance of cables. “Of the 10.5km, 8.5km of ducting has already been done. The high pressure water lines falling under the road network are also being reinstalled. Half of the sewer and 20% of water line work have already been completed,” he said.

The system features a dedicated corridor for gas line. Currently, three gas lines are being installed with provision of additional lines for backup as well as for future maintenance. Gas lines of Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), Haryana City Gas (HCG) and GAIL have already been installed.



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