Greater Faridabad Welfare Association

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We are pleased to announce the formation of Greater Faridabad Welfare Association (GFWA), a body which was formed out of Myfaridabad community to give our group an official name and identity.

A brief background about Myfaridabad community and Greater Faridabad Welfare Association –

This community was started in 2009 by members of the RPS Savana society through the website .in. As the forum grew in numbers and became popular among the Savana members, RPS Group threw an objection to the website name and issued a legal notice to shutdown the website claiming the name is deceptively similar to their official name. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we decided to move to the new name and create a common platform for all communities in the Greater Faridabad area. In this community we do not have any experts who gives us guidance or advice, but we rely and have faith on one another to help us achieve our goals through our experience and commitments. As we moved to Myfaridabad, more members joined us as everyone is plagued by the same concerns and victim of various types of fraudulent activities by builder. But we realized we needed to have an official name and body to deal with any authorities or else our group will be powerless to take any effective action.

We decided to form an association for Greater Faridabad, however initially we were not successful as none of the members were experience in this matter and our application was rejected on the grounds that we were not residents of Faridabad. In this matter, Mr. Narender Chhabra assisted us greatly in getting our association registered and finally we were able to officially get our group registered as Greater Faridabad Welfare Association on 25th Feb 2011 which we consider as our first milestone on our way forward.

Greater Faridabad Welfare Association’s office bearers are as follows:

  1. President - JAYANTA BARUA
  2. Vice President - NARENDER CHHABRA (Resigned effective 1st August 2013)
  3. Secretary - DHARMENDRA KUMAR (Resigned effective 6th October 2012)
  4. Treasurer - VINEET MISHRA
  5. Executive Member - RAJEEV SHARMA
  6. Executive Member - MANISH GUPTA
  7. Executive Member - AJAY YADAV
  8. Executive Member - KUMUD RANJAN

Apart from the office bearer members mentioned above, we have several active members who have been selflessly contributing to the success of our community and association. We hope more members will show interest in sharing responsibilities of our association as our success depends on the strength of the community.

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Greater Faridabad Welfare Association
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