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CJ Seema on CNN IBN - Exposing fraud by builders and authorities in Greater Faridabad

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Sunday, 06 May 2012

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CJ Seema Joshi on CNN IBN exposing fraud by builders and authorities in Greater Faridabad. Along with thousands of other investors and home buyers, Seema is still awaiting for her dream home since 2006. With no infrastructure development in the area since 2005, builders are in no hurry to complete the projects anytime soon. Builders have consumed 90% money of almost all projects and have stalled the projects, citing no reasons for the delay. There is a new devil in the name of enhanced EDC, builders are exploiting and looting the helpless consumers in the name of EDC and government authorities are turning a blind eye. Till when will this injustice continue…till when will the consumers suffer?


NDTV Profit Property Show on non-development of Greater Faridabad

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Sunday, 06 May 2012

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On the Property Show, experts discuss what has gone wrong in the Greater Faridabad Neharpar region, which has not witnessed any development in the last seven years. NDTV team explored the Neharpar area with the GFWA team who provided key inputs and reports on the current state of Greater Faridabad, injustice and illegal demands from builders, delayed possession and non payment of penalty, etc..


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