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Haryana Enhanced EDC policy stayed by High Court

Written by JayB Sunday, 24 March 2013

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After years of perseverance and efforts of various teams and individuals for rollback of the unjustified Enhanced EDC demand, the Hon’ble High Court of Chandigarh has given a stay order on the EEDC policy till the next hearing.

Further updates and documents can be obtained from the forum, please follow this topic for more detailed information.


GFWA announces mass street protests for slow development and against builder malpractices on September 30 2012 (Sunday)

Written by dheerajjain Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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GFWA Working Committee met on 9th September, Sunday and unanimously took decision to have mass street protests against Govt. for slow development in Greater Faridabad and against builders malpractices.This will be 3rd major street protests by GFWA and first in 2012.

Date: 30th September, 12
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: BPTP Bridge, Sector 81, Faridabad (People coming from Delhi can catch direct bus from Badarpur border which are plying every five minutes of frequency.A route buses will directly take them to bptp bridge)

Agenda Items for Protests

NDTV Profit Property Show on non-development of Greater Faridabad

Written by Webmaster Sunday, 06 May 2012

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On the Property Show, experts discuss what has gone wrong in the Greater Faridabad Neharpar region, which has not witnessed any development in the last seven years. NDTV team explored the Neharpar area with the GFWA team who provided key inputs and reports on the current state of Greater Faridabad, injustice and illegal demands from builders, delayed possession and non payment of penalty, etc..


CJ Seema on CNN IBN - Exposing fraud by builders and authorities in Greater Faridabad

Written by Webmaster Sunday, 06 May 2012

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CJ Seema Joshi on CNN IBN exposing fraud by builders and authorities in Greater Faridabad. Along with thousands of other investors and home buyers, Seema is still awaiting for her dream home since 2006. With no infrastructure development in the area since 2005, builders are in no hurry to complete the projects anytime soon. Builders have consumed 90% money of almost all projects and have stalled the projects, citing no reasons for the delay. There is a new devil in the name of enhanced EDC, builders are exploiting and looting the helpless consumers in the name of EDC and government authorities are turning a blind eye. Till when will this injustice continue…till when will the consumers suffer?

Wake up call for Haryana Administration - Protest Rally 13th Nov 2011

Written by Webmaster Monday, 14 November 2011

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It was an eventful day on 13th November 2011 when hundreds of Greater Faridabad home buyers gathered for the protest rally organized by Greater Faridabad Welfare Association (GFWA) to protest against the negligence and non development of Greater Faridabad by HUDA and Haryana District Administration. Greater Faridabad, which has been promoted as a real estate hotspot and ideal destination for people looking to own an affordable home in NCR, is a completely different story when a reality check is done. HUDA has completely ignored the region since the last decade and no development work has been carried out even though licenses were granted to private builders and colonizers to undertake and commence work on residential projects. Massive concrete structures and under-construction towers for residential properties can been seen dotting the Neharpar skyline, however all projects are unreasonably delayed and stalled due to non development of the area. Inspite of regular follow-ups and sending reminders to HUDA and district administration to start work on infrastructure development without any further delay, without which residents face imminent security and logistical problems, HUDA has been turning a blind eye to the concerns being raised by the home buyers.

Frustrated with the various incompetent government agencies and every request falling on deaf ears, Greater Faridabad Welfare Association organized a massive protest rally to serve as an awakening call to HUDA and Haryana government to commence development work at the earliest or face the ire of the public which can reflect in the upcoming polls. The growing dissatisfaction among the home buyers can be seen and is evident from the fact that large number of people gathered in support of the protest rally.


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