GFWA announces mass street protests for slow development and against builder malpractices on September 30 2012 (Sunday)

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GFWA Working Committee met on 9th September, Sunday and unanimously took decision to have mass street protests against Govt. for slow development in Greater Faridabad and against builders malpractices.This will be 3rd major street protests by GFWA and first in 2012.

Date: 30th September, 12
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: BPTP Bridge, Sector 81, Faridabad (People coming from Delhi can catch direct bus from Badarpur border which are plying every five minutes of frequency.A route buses will directly take them to bptp bridge)

Agenda Items for Protests

Haryana Govt.

1. Wide Bridges at major intersection points across 'Nehar' for connecting Sectors 75 to 89 to rest of Faridabad
2. Execution of works for Sewerage/Water/Electric substations.
3. Public amenities like Police Station/Parks/Post offices/Public Transport/Fire Brigade
4. Construction Quality Audits by Govt. for residential projects
5. Checks for Rain Water Harvesting/Solar Panels/Fire Safety/Earthquake resistance for residential projects
6. Sharing of EDC audit reports for builders done by DGTCP
7. Push for Real Estate Regulatory Bill


1. Overcharging in name of Super Area increase/EDC/IDC/PLC etc.
2. Delay in Possession and non-payment of penalty
3. Illegal sale/'allotment' of car parking
4. Layout plan changes and selling of green area
5. Threats of cancellation and charging of interest upto 24% on late payments

These are the issues that we have been discussing on forums. Now, it is time to raise our voices, show our unity and demand actions from Govt. and Builders for our grievances.

Requesting all forum members to join protests to demand justice and stop illegal extortion of hard earned money by Govt. and Builders.

Unite for Greater cause, Unite for Greater Faridabad
GFWA Working Committee ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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