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Neharpar,  Greater Faridabad - the land of the hopefuls, has been hailed and promoted as the next hot destination in NCR by real estate gurus, builders, authorities and media, promised as the biggest and largest upcoming residential colony in the NCR region after Gurgaon and Noida. After this virgin tract of land was discovered and authorized for residential population in the last decade, there has been frenzied and rampant construction of high rise apartments and residential colonies by real estate builders, luring and enticing customers/ investors with significantly lower prices than other competing and upcoming regions, promising an upscale and higher standard of living and plush societies with substantially lower cost of living. This has been further fuelled by reports in media praising Neharpar as a great potential, a rising star in real estate.

With high hopes and aspirations to own an affordable home in the NCR region, thousands of middle class end-users and investors invested in the area, putting in all their life’s hard earned money, a common man already overburdened with high interest rates and increasing inflation, but brave enough to dream and aspire to have his own home.

The current scenario of Neharpar, Greater Faridabad presents a completely different and disappointing picture. Since the last half decade, there has not been an iota of infrastructure development seen in the area, in spite of customers having paid thousands crores of rupees to the government authorities as EDC/IDC. There is no clarity and provision of even basic amenities like water, electricity and sewerage in the region. To add to the miseries of the common man, builders are delaying the projects stating approval issues beyond their control and lack of development by government authorities. After consuming 80-90% of the total cost of an apartment, builders are sitting idle on customer’s money delaying projects with very stagnant progress.  There is no control over construction quality, builders are altering master plans as per their whims and fancies to make more profit, short-changing customers with concrete construction earlier promised as green landscapes, stating all changes are as per directives from authorities.

In this game of deceit and lies, builders and authorities playing the blame game, passing of the buck to one another, the common man has been left helpless and to fend for himself. Customers are clueless and powerless to do anything. With no support from any sources, we would need to harness the power of our united strength as a community to bring about any change.

Calling all prospective and existing residents of Greater Faridabad to unite and create a better city.  This is your platform to make a difference to the society. Are you wondering if this forum is for you? If you have found this website, you have come to the right place. Join us in our journey forward, participate in the forums, provide your constructive feedback and share your experience.

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