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NEW DELHI: Delhi Metro officials were carrying out routine inspections at the Noida City Centre station on September 16, when they found that a part of the platform had sagged and cracks had appeared in it.

Similar cracks were seen on the other end of the platform. More than a week and rigorous investigations later, Delhi Metro says it is yet to identify the reason for the mysterious sagging.

“Experts from Delhi Metro and construction company Gammon India are investigating the reason for the sagging. Meanwhile, we have started repair work on the platform,” said Jitender Tyagi, director (works), Delhi Metro.

DMRC has now erected support pillars along both sides of the platforms. It is also looking at other stations on the stretch, said Tyagi.

“This station was part of a package constructed by a particular agency. All the stations have been checked for similar problems, but no such problem has surfaced elsewhere yet,” added the DMRC official.

Travel time goes up by 15 minutes

He said the sagging doesn’t impact train operations, though trains have been asked to go slow on the stretch, leading to travel time going up at 5-15 minutes on the line. “The rail track is built on box girders which are constructed on the pillars. This structure is separate from the platform, which is built on beams that come out from the pillars. As a result, the running of trains is not affected at all,” explained Tyagi. To ensure that work on the platform goes on smoothly, trains coming into the station are being run at a speed of 25kmph.

The Noida City Centre station was operationalized in 2009, with constructions being completed by 2008. Gammon India was in charge of construction of the package comprising stations at New Ashok Nagar, Noida sector 15, Noida sector 16, Noida sector 18, Botanical Garden, Golf Course and Noida city centre. A Delhi Metro official said, “The repairs involve strengthening by high grade steel rods (made of steel and titanium).”

The cause for the sagging though is proving elusive for the Delhi Metro. “We are investigating if it’s because of seepage. Pipes are laid along the pillars , which need to be insulated. If this pipe leaks, seepage could affect the structure,” said Tyagi. Neither DMRC nor experts from Gammon India have zoomed in on the reasons for the sagging . Asked how a construction that is only four years old could develop structural problems, Tyagi said that wear and tear was common. “There is a liability clause during construction but that is only for a year. Any serious structural issues would show up within that period,” said the official.

Sag story

The problem

One end of a platform at Noida City Centre Metro station has sagged Cracks visible at both ends of platform The end beam on which platform rests found to be depressed.


Repairs on. Supports put up at both ends of the platform Cause of problem still a mystery. DMRC says investigations still on.


Trains slow down to 25kmph at the stretch, leading to 5-15-minute delay in travel time on Dwarka-Noida/Vaishali line.



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