Sector 71 residents unhappy with living conditions

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NOIDA: Residents of Sector 71 have complained of abysmal living conditions in their neighbourhood. According to Pradeep Garg, RWA executive committee member, Sector 71, there has been no development of public faci- lities in the area in the past 10 years.

“Though the roads are better after getting re-laid recently, there are pockets where the need for repair is already being felt,” says Garg.

Apart from the condition of the roads, lack of basic amenities like chemists and postal services make life difficult in Sector 71.

“If one needs even a painkiller, he will have to spend Rs 20 worth of petrol to fetch it as there are no chemists here,” says Garg, who maintains that the Authority has turned a deaf ear to their woes.

Another major issue in the area is the lack of letterboxes in Sectors 53, 71 and 72. “The letterbox opposite Kanchenjunga market in Sector 53 was broken about a year ago and has not been reinstalled.” says A D Kalra, RWA general secretary, Sector 72.

Sector 72 RWA president, Mukesh Bhandari, added, “We don’t have a police station in the Sector. Currently all our complaints are handled by Sector 49 police station which is five kilometres away.” He’s apprised SSP Preetinder Singh of the issues, he said.


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