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SRS Residency Faridabad by SRS Group 2014-07-26 17:40:25 AJIT PRATAP KUNDAN
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SRS Residency Maintenance

Residents of SRS are only paying the cost of this new agency, everybody else is enjoying! Entire society is running most of the time on DG due to inefficiency of new agency.

Dear RWA,

Below mail doesnít surprised me as it is in line of what we know about the FAOA and about the few members of SRS RWA (which have special mention in mail).
It looks like FAOA is marketing agency and trying to show rosy picture, which normally builder used to do, and hiding facts.
They send mail to other RWAs and trying to market their illegal activities. Other RWAs doesnít know about the reality thatís why they given their remarks based on what they have been told.
We all know that it is not as good as the picture is projected by few persons of the society or outsiders.
Below mail raise many question to all of us, what is interest of FAOA in this process and why are they concern about our internal matters. At the outset, who are they to interfere in our matters.
Moving forward, as we all know the ground reality of illegal changeover of maintenance company and whole process is full of errors and legal complexity. It has become mess in SRS Residency. Because the handover is still not formally completed as per law and legal procedure, which means illegal activity by RWA and dully supported by FAOA. Why those (RWA and FAOA) are doing this, reasons best known to them.
Some new agency has been formed by some influential persons and this maintenance agency has been forcefully entered in the society without any formal hand over process. How can a unknown company comes and trying to takeover maintenance services, how and why? Is it possible without support of some influential persons. I hope you know them who all are those.
The people of SRS Residency are suffering due to this illegal activity of maintenance company. Here are few effects of outcome of illegal activities which has been carried out with support of our honíable Board of Managers:

1. Power Back up charges has been shoot up by more than 200%. The entire society is running of DG due to inexperience and inefficiency of staff of new maintenance agency. They normally take 2-3 hours to repair a electric fuse.
Result : Cost to residents

2. Without filling the underground water tank from the submersible pumps they run the pumps to lift the water from empty underground tank to overhand tank which result in damage of water pumps.
Result : Cost to Residents

3. Do not know to run Sewage treatment Plant, Entire STP has been submerged in the water and entire STP has been collapsed.
Result : Cost to Residents

And many more which we are facing on daily basis.

4. The new maintenance agency Intellicare does not hold PAN card at the time of submission of quote and verifiable service tax number as on date..
Reason: Best known to FAOAGF because its official seems to have stake in Intellicare and got first illegal business in collusion with RWA officials.

To Challenge the illegal activities which has been carried out be current elected a formal complaint has been submitted to registrar office, as By-laws has been registered without any GBM meeting and approval of residents/owners and that was registered by illegal way. Reply from current elected body is awaited and we are continuously following with registrar office.

I request you all to Arise, Awake and Stop not till these malpractices in society will be stopped coompletely.


Your Fellow Resident
SRS Residency

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