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Keep the forum buzzing

Postby s1joshi » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:15 pm

Friends, Considering several of the home buyers have formed google/yahoo groups for respective apartments, It is natural that discussions may have moved on internal/project specific groups, While we encourage people to explore all options to get together, There is possibility that some of the discussions that you are having internally may still be valid for broader groups and your neighbors from other housing societies, so it may be a good idea to keep the forum buzzing with queries, suggestions, information sharing.

Some examples could be -

    Several of you would have received possession in last one year, and may have faced some challenges/legal loopholes during registry/possession, which can give good insight for fellow neighbors to stay prepared.

    Recently observed some threads on car pooling, This is an excellent way for connecting and finding co -travelers while saving money, Possibly going by people interest, we may later explore on creating a dedicated section for car pooling

    You may consider sharing pictures of cultural programs/events/festivals your association/RWA is organizing

    There are several people who have filed litigation, Making others aware that you have filed in litigation (even if you do not wish to give nitty gritties), may probably encourage few other owners to consider legal options, Many people currently have mental road blocks, and as more and more people go legal, this may put pressure on builders/authorities to deliver

and many many more ways .......... Anything or everything you wish to share...
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