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Re: GFWA Protest Day Expense and Membership Fees

Postby sureshwar » Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:34 pm

Dear all,

All should be grateful for core team in organising protest day on 13 th Nov 2011

Congratulations for core team in getting the media coverage. I write regarding 2 aspects

1. Contribution by GFWA members- Most of us including me have contributed once when we became members ( a payment of Rs 500/).Ask for membership fees from all for period Jan 2012 - Dec 2012 a reasonable amount say Rs 1000/ so that activities such as recent protest can be managed without asking for event based contribution ( The fact that additional money was being collected for recent 13 th Nov protest was not highlighted either on website or by e-mails to GFWA members ).Kindly mention how many activities with break up - posters, direct mailing, contacting newspapers etc can be managed when say Rs 1000/- is collected from all current GFWA members ( with assumption that 75 % of current members will pay ). Nov is 20 th Nov so right time to start. Also some e-mail for membership payment made should be sent ( i never recieved any )

2. Publicise GFWA activities in Delhi localities - fighting for basic infrastructure from HUDA, fact that huge amount towards EDC IS BEING COLLECTED by HUDA but no facilities provided , lack of progress despite so many months/ years- EDC forming say 15 % of flat cost in Haryana. only facts ie truth should be given etc.Group meetings or handbill distribution in 4-6 locations in Delhi can be considered can be considered as appropriate .Also mention GFWA membership is open to all investors in Nehaarpaar ( or is it all Faridabad??? ).See website for details

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GFWA Member
GFWA Member
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Re: GFWA Protest Day Expense and Membership Fees

Postby bverma_25 » Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:24 pm

Hi Friends,

I agree with suresh & ready to pay more contribution . I will pay tomorrow & request to GFWA core member's that kindly shedule next protest day .

Brijesh Verma
Piyush Heights
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GFWA Member
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