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Greater Faridabad Welfare Association - Roles and expectations

Postby vineet » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:46 am

Dear Friends,

We have been receiving few inquiries form members to file legal suits against builders for different projects. In view of growing numbers of these mails, I would like to clarify few points regarding GFWA role:

I hope we all are clear that GFWA as an association relies on individual members to share various responsibilities. We have distributed roles on managing website, legal proceedings, finances, media handling etc etc. All the people shouldering these responsibilities are working class individuals and besides dedicating their time for office, family and other activities have taken up the challenge to fight the injustice being done to thousands of home buyers.

We do not have full time dedicated members to take care of the activities so core team is putting in maximum possible time and energy to fight this injustice. To give you an example, few of the core team members have taken full day off yesterday to meet Finance commissioner and principle secretary HUDA at Gymkhana club Faridabad. Each of the core team members would have taken at least 4 leaves this year to keep the show running. Being employed in private companies, I hope you all can understand that its difficult to take leaves. Its not that core team is more aggrieved but just because they have taken this up as a cause.

Thanks to all of you for your support in various forms that the movement has really carried forward. We are neither experts in doing demonstrations nor have any political clout to get the things done overnight but we have taken it as a challenge to fight injustice and are learning at every stage with each other’s support.

While we would love to fight for all of you for individual projects, we all need to understand our limitations. Just filing a case on a particular builder is not the only challenge. We have to have many people handling legal department within GFWA, accounts department (for various projects) etc and presently we are not equipped to handle these challenges.

As our projects near completion, we will face more and more realities in terms of area change, layout change etc. and many members will feel the need to take legal route. We have been sending many mails for people to come forward and take lead for individual projects so that the members of project can take a collective decision and go ahead with legal route. Team leaders have been identified for few projects and the list had been published on forum but for many projects, there was no representative to take the lead. GFWA as a platform can help you in all ways but the project wise legal suits have to be taken care by project specific groups.

-We, 16 members have filed case against a builder in National consumer forum. A group of individuals can file the case and there is absolutely no need to form an association to file suits.

-The outcome of these cases (unlike EDC hike case against govt) is applicable only to the complainants so filing case as an association where list of members keep growing every day might complicate the things.

- In case anyone requires any advice, GFWA legal team would be willing to help.

As far as the common concerns are there, GFWA will keep taking these up on everyone’s behalf e.g. We are ready to file suit against EDC hike which concerns every Naharpar home buyer.

Even when we get our possession, there are several development related issues:

-Will Naharpar roads(or even by pass road) be able to support additional 5000 cars at peak hours traffic everyday?
-Will the area be safe as there are no street lights?
-Will we have efficient transport system in Neharpar?

We will keep taking up these issues.

However, in case anyone has a suggestion how we can work more efficiently or take this to the next level, you are most welcome to share the same.

For information of all, we have recd contributions from about 310 members so far and the list will be published by this weekend.


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Re: Greater Faridabad Welfare Association - Roles and expectations

Postby AmitSudan » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:08 pm

Dear Vineet and GWFA Team,

We really appreciate :hap2: what you guys are doing on behalf of future resident of Greater Faridabad. I completely agree with your point. It's very difficult the spare some time from our day to day life.

I am a finance professional please let me know if i can do something for GWFA? I would love to do it.

My only suggestion would be

1. We should ensure no builder or Administrator can do injustice with any resident of Greater Faridabad
2. Be transparent as much as possible
3. Improve the communications with all the residents of Greater Faridabad and raised their voices in more effective manner.
4. By raising our voices we have to ensure every person who is responsible for the development of this area should do their work more effectively. We should strongly point out if we found any official or builder not doing their work properly. If we are not getting satisfactory answers then we should also find a way how we can escalates the matter to higher authorities.

Thanks a lot for your effort.

Amit Sudan
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Re: Greater Faridabad Welfare Association - Roles and expectations

Postby vinitanandwani » Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:01 pm

Dear Amit

Well Said..!!!
Thanks for your supporting comments.
GFWA is also working in this issues to reach each and every individual of Neharpaar and to mobilise maximum people.Soon you will find the advertisements on this regards too.
We really in need of encouraging and enthusiastic people who really want to work fo the common cause. GFWA a providing a platform for this solidarity and unity .
We are very transparent in this regard too thats our members keep on updating the froum with each minute detail.
Thanks for your voluntery paricipation .We will contact you soon and will include you in the team
Thanks & regards
Vinita Nandwani
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Re: Greater Faridabad Welfare Association - Roles and expectations

Postby 15.rajat » Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:00 pm

Hi team,

Like others, we from Shivsai have already received EDC increase demand to be paid by second week of august, non payment of which would attract 15% penalty.

Can someone suggest how do we come out of this situation.

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Re: Greater Faridabad Welfare Association - Roles and expectations

Postby dheerajjain » Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:22 am

Dear Rajat, GFWA is filing very soon legal writ petition at High Court in Chandigarh against HUDA, DTCP and Haryana Govt. for rolling back increase in EDC rates. Lawyer says our case is good and we should be able to get stay.

What GFWA core team requires from Ozone park residents is scanned copy of demand letter received. That will make our case even more stronger !

Also, please inform to your builder that GFWA is in process of filing writ petition and request some more time.
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Re: Greater Faridabad Welfare Association - Roles and expectations

Postby kriday » Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:49 pm

Dear Dheeraj,
i have recevied the letter from OMAXE heights to pay the EDC charges by 31st of this month. Do you still need the scanned copy of the letter i have received? and where can i send this copy?

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Re: Greater Faridabad Welfare Association - Roles and expectations

Postby Dheerajjoshi » Tue May 22, 2012 12:06 pm

Dear All

Good to see a forum has been established, further as far as the civic amenities in your respective societies are concerned, we have to ensure that the builder is providing what was provided, however apart from that things like street lights or roads are concerned the local authority like municipal corporation and electricity department is responsible, we can ask these authorities under RTI as to what are the plans for greater faridabad, whats budget allocation and how much is spend till date.

I have low floor house in ERA DEVINE FLOOR, Sector-76.

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